15 Ways to make money this week

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Do you need money within the next 7 days? These ideas take a little bit of organising but if done well they can make a few hundred.

1.) Garage sale. Go through your house and sell off what you can.

2.) Market stall. Do you have anything you can make or have clothes, cds, books, anything you could sell? If you are crafty you could make some aprons or childrens clothes or something to sell.

3.) Ironing is relatively easy to do. You can advertise on a community noticeboard to do a few baskets.

4.) Start a food co op. Buying in bulk saves money. If you get a few families together you could be the one to organise it all, buy it and collect the money. You can usually charge a small fee for doing it and will save you money on your groceries.

5.) eBay. Gather anything of value you could sell on eBay and you’d be surprised at how much you can make. I once made over $600 selling a few old Nintendo games.

6.) Sell any gold you have such as broken jewellery. The kiosks in shopping centres do not give true value, so you are better off looking to sell it elsewhere.

7.) 2nd hand books can be sold at markets, online or to second hand book stores.

8.) 2nd hand DVD’s/CD’s can be sold online, at markets or to stores that specialise in them.

9.) Collect cans for cash. You only get about 5cents a can and there are collection points where you can cash your cans in. You can find cans in parks, collect friends and families or collect them off the street.

10.) Busking. If you can play an instrument or do magic or something you could perform on the street for cash. You may need a licence in some areas to do this so check that first.

11.) Cleaning if you advertise yourself on a community noticeboard or tell friends and family you might be able to do a few hours somewhere.

12.) Lawn mowing. Lawns usually start at $50 so 4 lawns would be $200.

13.) Door to door odd jobs. Door knock around and see if anyone has any odd jobs such as cleaning out a gutter, mowing lawns, pulling weeds etc…

14.) Sell plants from your garden. Pots some seedlings from your garden and sell to a store, fruit market or from a sign outside your house. You obviously need to be a gardener for this to work.

15.) Cut and sell bunches of flowers or herbs from your garden. You could go around to stores and see if they would like to buy them.

There are lots of things you can do to earn money quickly.

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7 thoughts on “15 Ways to make money this week

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  2. Missy

    I think I’ll expand on your article and write a piece entitled “15 Ways To Make Money This Week…If You’re Over 40”.

    How does that sound? Thanks for the inspiration.


  3. Carole

    These are great ideas. You can mix them too. Sell your plants, books, CDs and other stuff at a garage sale. Then take what’s left over and list it at ebay. Or have a charity pick it up and take the tax break.


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