Marketing and PR with Kylie Travers

Marketing and PR with Kylie Travers and her team of consultants (all in the top 5% of social media influencers for their niches, plus with marketing backgrounds) can be tailored to suit your budget and needs.

Marketing and PR services include:

Marketing Strategy
A solid marketing strategy for your business is the difference between successful marketing and throwing money down the drain in an effort to market. Instead of simply boosting posts on Facebook and paying for various advertising when the opportunity arises, let us work with you to create a solid marketing strategy to accelerate your sales and business.
A marketing strategy involves a pre-session questionnaire, a one to two hour Skype or in person session (in Melbourne CBD) to get clear on your goals, objectives, target audience, business, your point of difference, how you are solving problems, who your competitors are, current marketing and best options for future marketing. A document will then be created outlining a strategy for you with implementation package options included should you wish to outsource it.
Prices start at $699 for a simple strategy.
Email for more information.

Brainstorming Sessions
Do you need help coming up with ideas, working out what your business needs, seeing where your business has holes, working out other services or income options? A brainstorming session can help you get clarity, see new opportunities and allows us to connect you with businesses we think would be great for you to collaborate or connect with to accelerate your business if you want.
Sessions are $100 for 1 hour, via Skype.
Email to book a session.

Social Media Implementation
Don’t have the time to manage your social media? We specialise in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, including advertising on each platform. Our Facebook ads are in the top 1% of similar ads on Facebook, ensuring you maximise your advertising budget.
Content creation and curation packages are available as well.
Prices start at $100 per week, with packages tailored to suit your needs.
Email for more information or to book.

Marketing Training
Would you prefer to DIY marketing? Do you need training on social media, PR, Facebook ads and other areas? We offer one on one training online for $250 per one hour session or can run workshops for your organisation.
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Press Releases
Do you need a press release written in a hurry? We can write press releases for you, mail out press releases or for a more tailored approach press releases can be personalised for each magazine, influencer, TV show and other media you wish to pitch to. Personalised press releases have a higher rate of success.
Press release written – $200
Press release written and sent to a specific list – $250
Personalised press releases written and sent to a specific list confirmed with you – $500
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