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Kylie has gone from a homeless single mother of two reliant on Centrelink to multiple international award winning CEO, author, freelance writer and speaker. She offers a limited amount of one on one Skype sessions to either help you create the life you want, make and save more money or a focus on marketing and business are available. Alternatively, if you are Melbourne based, in-person sessions can be arranged in the CBD.

Make and save money
Kylie is an expert at helping people find new ways to make and save money based on their lifestyle, income, skills and experience. A one on one session can help you sort out your budget, find numerous ways to cut back if you want to, more ways to increase your income, create multiple income streams, pay off debt and create strategies to achieve your financial goals. You can find numerous ways to make and save money at Kylie’s other site – if you want to see her style and get some ideas.

Testimonial from Kiri
“Chatting with Kylie has changed my whole perspective in so many ways. Kylie looked over our earnings, our expenses and our lifestyle in much detail. It was terrifying being so open with someone as I have always been embarrassed and ashamed of our situation. Kylie assured me that we are actually doing quite well, yes things could be better but we have done a lot in the last few years in terms of getting married, having 2 kids and starting 2 businesses so given all of that we are probably better off than would be expected.
So where am I now, one month in we are in debt $13,000 – down from $16,000, (I must admit I booked us a weekend away from the kids for our anniversary!) our businesses are both picking up and I’m feeling motivated and more in control of both business and our finances. I’m certain at the end of the next month that debt will be even lower.”
Read her full testimonial here.

*Disclaimer: Kylie Travers is not offering advice on which home loan to use, how to structure investments, superannuation or any advice which needs to come from a financial advisor. These sessions focus solely on your budget and ways you can make and save money. Kylie is not a financial advisor nor is she affiliated with any specific programs.

Business and marketing
Do you need help knowing where and how to market? Do you have a limited budget and want to know the best ways to invest your marketing dollars for the highest returns? Do you want training on social media, advice on influencer or blogger outreach, PR tips or anything else relating to marketing?

Kylie has landed clients features in numerous magazines, TV shows, newspapers and radio stations, not to mention her own prolific media coverage including Sunrise, Weekend Sunrise, Today Tonight, News, The Collective, Cleo, Cosmopolitan and many more.

To book a session email with your needs.

Kylie Travers - mentor Photo courtesy of Ladina Battin

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