Kylie Travers has spoken at various events from small seminars to large conferences, festivals in Darling Harbour and at Parliament House.
Her main keynote presentations are:
How To Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities To Accelerate Your Business And Life
Covering how Kylie went from homeless to CEO
10 steps to success with goals
Specific advice to change your view on obstacles
Activities attendees can do on the spot to implement change in their lived immediately.

How To Market On A Shoestring Budget
Popular at business events, How To Market On A Shoestring Budget outlines tips to maximise social media, PR opportunities, send press releases, win awards and get noticed when you have next to no budget.

Other topics include:
Kylie is also available to speak on ways to make and save money, 51 ways to make money from home, 21 tips for blogging or anything related to finance, travel, marketing, business and turning obstacles into opportunities.

Kylie Travers Speaker

Kylie is very open about her life and personal experiences and presentations can be tailored to your event. She has appeared in various media including TV, radio, podcasts, magazines and other websites.

Contact her with any questions, enquiries or suggestions. If you would like Kylie to speak at your event email admin@kylietravers.com.au with the name of the event or “Speaking request” in the subject line.


Kylie is open to talking about a variety of topics such as:

  • How To Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities To Accelerate Your Business and Life – Kylie offers 10 steps anyone can use to overcome obstaclesand turn them into opportunities, no matter what they are.
    She weaves her her experiences of overcoming homelessness, domestic violence, robbery of everything including her underwear, paralysis and a cancer scare, all within a few years into these tips, along with how those experiences resulted in numerous awards, founding a company and incredible life experiences.
  • How To Make Money Blogging – Kylie started a blog in 2009, which lead to a book contract with Wiley, speaking internationally on blogging, social media monetisation and ways to make and save money. In 2014, Kylie founded Occasio Enterprises, a company which specialises in social media influencer marketing.
  • Ways To Make And Save Money – Kylie’s original blog was Aspiring Millionaire, where she shared ways to make and save money.
  • Mental health – Kylie has overcome Borderline Personality Disorder, yet is still classed as having an ADHD brain. She has attempted suicide a few times when younger, battled with self-harm, depression and had severe post natal depression. With the help of her psychologist, she overcame her obstacles and now views her ADHD brain as a blessing.

Below is a video from a very personal presentation revealing a little more than Kylie has before about her experience and domestic violence triggers for This Is Not A Wife Beater.

The video below is some of Kylie’s experience, filmed for Sleep at the ‘G, which she spoke at in 2016. 

Testimonials from attendees:

“Dear Kylie,
I want to thank you for such a fabulous seminar – Social Media for Money. What I liked best about it was the 5 different speakers that united on the fundamentals that all businesses need. It reminded me of the strength of five fingers – a helping hand, and how they all support a solid platform.
Loved it, would definitely go again. Julie”
~ Julie Okely of Dilkara

“So much awesome content today. I don’t even know where to start!”
— Troy Mason

“Very inspiring!!! Your background and your knowledge is amazing #socialmediaformoney seminar is a success! I can’t say enough good things about today’s seminar. Need more than 140 characters!!!!Best seminar I’ve gone to #socialmediaformoneyseminar by @KylieTravers_au and @Travis_Longmore. Not only inspiring but useful!”
— Ina J

“Too busy listening and taking notes to tweet @KylieTravers_au. Another fantastic and useful presentation. Thank U so much for this afternoon!”
— Rebecca Tregurtha

“What a jam-packed presentation about monetising social media. Almost forgot to Tweet!”
— Mel Bezear

“So many pages of notes, so much to digest! Great seminar thanks to @KylieTravers_au @TheFirmTweet @Ben_Hanson78@Travis_Longmore @IP4ACT
— Kirsty Young

Some of the best people I know @Travis_Longmore & @KylieTravers_au #nailedit tonight. Get the virtual pass! #CBRhttps://t.co/cehypYrO9z — James Tew

A selection of events Kylie has spoken at is below. You can see more and upcoming events here.

AVAC, 2017
Business In Heels events 2015 to 2017
Share The DigniTEA, 2016
Sleep At The ‘G, 2016
Business In Heels, Melbourne CBD 2016
Ladies Shine Bright Night, 2016
National Homelessness Summit, 2015
ACT Scouts White Ribbon Event 2015
Spoke in Parliament regarding homelessness 2015 (an iPhone recording I was unaware of at the time is here.)
Launch of This Is Not A Wife Beater Campaign, 2015 (View the launch video here)
Launch of Homelessness Prevention Week, 2015
Spoke at Canberra League of Extraordinary Women breakfast, 2015
Spoke at Canberra Business in Heels on blogging, 2015
Canberra Community Sleepout November 2014 (pictured above)
Sharing Pathways Out Of Poverty – Headline Event For Antipoverty Week with YWCA and St Vincent de Paul (press release here) October 2014
Financial Impact Women Living With And Leaving Domestic Violence – ACT Domestic Violence Prevention Centre & Women’s Centre for Health Matters in Antipoverty Week October 2014
Meet The Future Of Giving – Fundraising Institute of Australia October 2014
Presented Best Canadian Finance Blog and Best International Personal Finance Blog at The Plutus Awards, Fincon14

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 9.35.48 pm

(Pictured here with Maria from The Money Principle, winner of Best International Personal Finance Blog for 2014)

Working Mums Masterclass Christmas Special 2013
The Financial Blogger Conference – FinCon12
Working Mums Masterclass April Event
Digital Parents 2012

If you would like Kylie to speak at your event email admin@kylietravers.com.au with the name of the event or “Speaking request” in the subject line.

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