Why I do not recommend FishPond online bookstore

*This post was written in June, 2011. It is based on personal experience and judging by the comments, I am not the only one who has had issues. 

I have previously recommended Fishpond for books, but after continuous bad customer service and having to chase them over everything I would advise against using their services.

I have dealt with them as a buyer, a seller and as an affiliate, each method having it’s own problems. I am over it. The most recent issue I have been trying to sort out for over a month and keep getting the run around, so I decided to outline for you all the many, many issues I have had with them and why you should not use them.

Using Fishpond as a buyer

1.) The site will say the book is available or can be dispatched within 2 days. I often got told I can expect it within a certain timeframe. It never happened. I regularly had to wait over a month, chase them constantly and it resulted in a lot of wasted time and energy. This is for new books, not used books  from private sellers

2.) If they run out of a book you purchase, they don’t inform you. Instead, they take your money and it is only after you have pushed for months that they will admit they do not have the book and it will take 7 to 21 days to refund you.

3.) Many books are listed above RRP.

4.) Customer service is slow, almost non-existent. They do not answer anything directly and they do not respond promptly.

As a seller

1.)  They used to offer 20cents credit when you listed a book with them. They changed this, which was fine. I had not used my credit, which did not bother me, but when I put up new listings, which I did not receive 20 cents for as per the new rules, if I later deleted those books, 20cents credit was deleted from my account. I deleted a bunch of books in bulk that I had listed after numerous issues. None of these I had received the 20cents credit for, but each one I was charged 20cents to remove, resulting in them saying I owed them money!

2.) They charge postage on your behalf, which does not really cover the cost of posting most books, plus they add the postage to the sale total THEN deduct their percentage, so they essentially give with one hand and take with the other. I have no issue with them taking a cut of the sale price. I have an issue with them taking a cut of the postage they charge customers “on your behalf”. That is just wrong and a lie.

3.) After books are sold it can take up to 21 days to get paid, they say 7 – 14, but most of the time I had to email asking when I will be paid and often it took over 1 month from when I sold it to when I got paid.

4.) Sometimes if a buyer purchases a book, then changes their mind and requests a refund you get stiffed. Fishpond expect you to send the book within 3 days, but if the customer cancels their order after that, after you have already sent it, you don’t get paid. Tough luck, you lost the book and made no money.

As an affiliate

1.) They do not pay you what you are clearly owed. In my affiliate account, I have money that should have been paid to me in November, 2010. Instead, I keep getting the runaround and they obviously have no intention of paying despite the paperwork clearly indicating I earned it.

2.) They do not answer emails promptly, if at all. I have waited days; other times over a week and had no response. Their customer service is atrocious and they could care less about you as an affiliate.

There have been more issues and at first, I didn’t mind so much because  they often ran great discounts, free postage etc. They no longer do this. Plus, when you got paid 20cents to list a book with them and it was so easy to list I didn’t mind. I got my first few affiliate payments, despite having to chase one, so I was ok. But they gradually went from bad to terrible and now, I would not recommend them to anyone.

If you want to buy books go to Book Depository or Amazon, they both have affiliate accounts as well. If you want to sell books, I have a free guide to download here.

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71 thoughts on “Why I do not recommend FishPond online bookstore

  1. Peta

    I always buy my books from Book Depository as I found they are usually quite a bit cheaper than fishpond.
    I had plans to sell some books through fishpond but will definitely give it a miss now.
    Thanks Kylie for the insight.

    1. Jake

      I have never had a problem with Fishpond. I have always received the books and DVDs I have bought in only a couple of days. I think it’s a bargain and always use them

  2. Tash Northcott

    Sounds like an ordeal I’m having with NZ Couriers. I will never use them as a courier company, as it’s been 16 months and still nothing has happened. I keep chasing them up for answers. Nobody cares. I found out we got declined through our buyer whom had to put in a claim with Australia Post. Still no answer from NZ Couriers. I now make sure we have insurance on our goods we buy from Australia and tell them to avoid the plauge of using NZ Couriers. It’s a real pain. I was always taught in my first job, customers come first, but somehow it seems to have reversed. Hope you have better luck elsewhere.

  3. Caroline

    Thanks for the info, sucks to them. I’ve never used them & it sounds like you won’t be anymore either. We have our own small business if we treated people like that we would be broke in no time. Thanks for making a stand against BAD customer service.

  4. Scather

    Wow, that’s a lot of problems – and a very well written blog detailing them.
    I have sold books with Fishpond too, and found it unfair that they took a cut of the postage.
    On the other hand, I did get a lot of credits for reviews I wrote in their early days which resulted in a free book. And once, they sent my mum 2x books by mistake. So very mixed feelings.

    1. JO

      I have had the same issues buying books from Fishpond, they tell you the book can be sent in two days and you can wait over a month and my last order after being mucked around they advised my order is not available. I did receive a cheque today from Fishpond to repay my last order.

  5. Teresa

    I just wondered how to actually get in touch with Fishpond. I ordered some books which were nto yet published back in march. Since then I have emigrated to Perth WA from NZ and no longer use the same email address. I cannot log onto my old site as I can’t remember my password and am finding it impossible to actually contact Fishpond either by phone or email. Are you able to help.

  6. Kylie Post author

    If you can access your old email address at all you should be able to find an email from them you might be able to use. Even if it was the email you had with an internet provider try logging into it again. My husband did this with an internet provider we had not used in 4 years and the email address still worked, which shocked us.

    Otherwise I have used service@fishpond.com.au or service@less10.com which were for Australia, but since they are the same company they should be able to help. They will likely require the email stating you paid though.

    They are notoriously hard to get a hold of.

    Good luck. Hope this helps.

  7. Joe

    Thank you this blog Kylie – I found it after searching for fishpond customer service.

    You mention a lot of the issues I have had with Fishpond as a first time customer – I hope others find this and realise what a poor company they are to deal with and avoid them.

  8. Chell

    I often sell books on fishpond. It’s handy that you can list them for the price you want and they stay listed for as long as it takes to sell them (unlike eBay where many books I put up tend to never sell in the 10 days listed for the price I want and I eventually have to put them on for 99cents if i want them to sell at all). You can either select to be paid in credit to use for further Fishpond purchases or straight into your bank account (which is the option I prefer). My main problem with it however is that they will never pay me the money they owe me for the books I sell on time and if I don’t chase them up then they don’t pay me at all! I was checking through my bank transactions the other day and discovered one book from the 6th of June that I’d sold and posted to the buyer and another from 9th September which I haven’t yet been paid for. Thats at least six months without being paid for something that i’ve sent off and paid postage for! I have emailed them and they are currently looking into it so hopefully they will finally send me the money…

    Does anyone know of a similar site for selling secondhand books/CDs other than eBay and Fishpond? Fishpond is convenient but make sure you keep on top of them if you’re a seller!

  9. KimmieJs

    Back in early November I ordered several items from Fishpond for my twins for Christmas. According to their website the gifts would arrive before Christmas. Here it is 8th of January and over half my order has yet to arrive. I tried to cancel the order 10 days before Christmas but I was told it was to late since the items had been
    released to the warehouse. The lack of customer service and lack of compassion is appalling. I
    will NEVER order from them again. I had been a loyal customer of Fishpind for several years now. I have spent hundreds of dollars purchasing books and other items. They will not get another cent from me and I will make sure everyone knows about their appalling record of creating frustrated and disappointed customers all over the country. Shame shame shame in Fishpond!!!

    1. Kylie Post author

      Sorry to hear you have had trouble to KimmieJs. I hope it gets sorte for you. I know how frustrating it is to deal with them. When I first started using them they were great, but as time has gone one it has just gone downhill.

  10. Dylan

    I have had absolutely no problems with fishpond. I bought at least a few thousand dollars worth of items from them, and in doing so, saved at least a thousand as well. They’re prices are all over the place, which is great. All I have to do is check once a day, and get the things when they are cheap. Just recently, I bought an item for $3, reduced from $60, no joke. I will admit, the items take a little longer to arrive than the estimated dates, but seriously we’re talking about Australia Post doing most of the deliveries in Aus, and their service is absolutely horrible. All of the items I’ve ordered have always arrived eventually, but never more than 1 and a half months after I’ve ordered it. If you’re looking to make huge savings, I definitely recommend it, but if you’re looking to get all of your items quickly, give it a miss, the trade off for paying less seems to be that everything takes a little longer to get where it is going. DON’T buy anything if it’s last minute, or has a deadline for arrival. Be patient, and you’ll have no problems.

    1. Kylie Post author

      That’s interesting Dylan. Whenever I have checked Fishpond have always been more expensive than places such as Book Depository and I can order from the USA or UK and get items faster than ordering off Fishpond as well.

      I know of way too many people who have had nothing but problems with them, and their customer services, orders not turning up etc to ever recommend them.

  11. Fran

    I’ve recently received my puzzles ordered two weeks ago. The website said it’s a 24hr dispatch but the box was packed five days after order and left the warehouse nine days later.I don’t know how that works. When I bought the puzzles, the website says there’s two left of each but funny that even after my purchase, there’s still two left of each! Later, I made a neutral review of each puzzle saying how much I loved them, if only they can turn up as promised. Fishpond removed my reviews. This whole company stinks, never again.

  12. Frank

    Is there any other website in Australia to sell my stuff similar to fishpond other than auction websites, ebay and amazon.Any website which works similar to fishpond like crediting the account or paying it to my bank account.

  13. Christine

    I wish I had of read these blogs before I ordered….have received 1 book out of 3

    Good Luck to me!!!

  14. Kimberley

    That’s a shame you’ve had such a bad experience, that it’s prompted this blog.

    I have bought numerous items though Fishpond and have never had a problem. Items have usually arrived earlier than the estimated time. I had one book that didn’t turn up in the timeframe they advised, and when I contacted them about it, they dispatched another book (at no extra cost) which I recieved within a week of contacting them. The first book did eventually turn up too (which I simply sent back)…so it was a postal issue, rather than a Fishpond issue.

    I have no affiliation or interest in Fishpond other than being a customer. It’s a pity you had so many problems with them…I guess nothing works perfectly all the time.

  15. SimonF

    I’m having trouble getting paid affiliate money I’m owed. No response from their ‘service’ team.
    Am moving to another site … any Aus recommendations?

    1. Kylie Post author

      Sorry Simon, I just tend to sell on Facebook, eBay and GumTree now instead of Fishpond. I hassled them for some time over a payment I was owed back in 2010 and actually got paid it just last month, after no contact for almost 2 years. I had just given up, then randomly got paid. Good luck with it.

  16. ChrisL

    Oh no! I just bought a $228.00 kitchen from FishPond. Looks like I’ll never get my money back or have kitchen arrived on time for my daughters birthday. If I knew they were this bad. I could of never order from them. Too late now!

  17. Fishpond

    Hi Chris,

    We’re sorry to hear about the trouble you and others have been experiencing. If you email our helpdesk through the website with your order number, we’d be more than happy to check on the status of your kitchen.

    Kind regards,
    Fishpond CS

    1. Yvonn Coonrod

      Are you Australia Fishpond…..because I am just about tearing my hair out, no one here at NZ Fishpond will reply to my messages and its 4 months since my order was due for release. I have told them I no longer want it and want my $29.95 refund back. I am telling you in the hope you will reply to me. Order Number 52697883 Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia (book) We are 2 elderly people who are only on the pension and cannot afford to ‘give’ away the little money we have. I am goig to go to Consumer Affairs next step. I had no idea this would happen as I bought a couple of items previous and except for being a little late arriving there were no problems. Please please get back to me
      Yvonne Coonrod, Napier, NZ

  18. glenn paisley

    I will never deal with fishpond ever again
    I had purchased 2 books and only received one
    I had phoned them twice and left contact details
    No responce….
    Thanks for the above email , i will try that

  19. Wendy

    I bought some DVDs from fishpond and one disk won’t play, I went on the website but found it difficult to find any information, I left 3 emails but no response yet . They NEED a customer hot line . I also will never order from fishpond ever again!!!

    Wendy xxx

  20. Jaison


    I recently bought the Innotab 2 from Fishpond (They sell this for around $150). I spent HOURS trying to figure out why the software accompanying the product wasn’t working. After 2 days of trying to sort the problem out I found a number to contact our local VTech customer service. I was told that the model I purchased was a US model, that would not connect to the software needed to use the tablet from outside of the US. This is due to licensing restrictions, where content has been made available by licensors in the US to download and is under a separate AU & NZ agreement with their counterpart offices over here. Quite similar to how iTunes have separate content websites for each country.

    I sent several e-mails informing Fishpond that they were selling a product that wasn’t compatible in NZ/Australia, only to be continuously sent a link to their refund page. What!?

    Nothing addressing the issues I outlined in my e-mail.

    Their customer service is a joke! No direct phone line (gee I wonder why!? Their excuse is to keep the costs down, yeah right!).

    Their responses are basically next to nothing. Just very short and abrupt.

    Vtech e-mailed me back stating that they asked Fishpond to take the product off their website only to be told that they were at liberty to sell products from whereever they wanted!

    So basically they’re saying we don’t care about our customers!

    Selling a product to us that we can’t use… and not a cheap one either!

    Idiots! Why would you want to sell a product that is only going to be returned for a refund!?

    $150 is not cheap to be spending on a toy! And judging from what I have read online there are A LOT of frustrated customers out there wondering why their Innotabs aren’t functioning as they should!

    It’s disappointing as VTech is taking the blame for this as customers presume that it is something to do with the software or faulty a product!

    The absolute worst part about this is that my son who waited anxiously for the product to arrive (took 3 weeks!) was so disappointed when it arrived and couldn’t use it as it was intended!

    Shame on Fishpond!

    Never again!

  21. kirsten

    Beware selling on Smartsell with Fishpond. Fishpond is great for buying new books but I have had an incredibly awful time as a seller on their Smartsell system. I sent off a box of books on my own behalf and several boxes for my mother on her account. First they listed all of my books on her account and it took ages for them to sort that out. Then the books were listed at very random prices and although it said the prices could be changed by the seller, I couldn’t change them. Then they began to change the rules without advice to us. The books were lowered in price weekly to ridiculously low ones ($1 or less) which hasn’t even covered the cost of sending the books in the first place. To add insult to injury, half of my books were not listed on smartsell (even though Fishpond has them all and had set the prices very very low). The books are now selling because of the super low pricing and Fishpond kept writing to me to ask me to send them to buyers when I no longer have the books – they have them!. No matter how I try to communicate with them – (and they don’t make it easy!) I only recieve automated replies or on occasion a hopeful looking human one – but on trying to reply to it, I am once again stymied. My mother (not as internet savvy) who is selling rare and some valuable books, was completely at a loss as to how to communicate her distress to them. I think Fishpond really need to look at their systems and particularly improve communication with sellers – it’s fine if you’re a buyer, although still frustrating if there’s a problem.

  22. Meagan

    I can’t believe fishponds lack of customer service!!!. I ordered a buggaboo tailored canvas set for my pram on the 31st of august(knowing I need it by this weekend to to take on holidays) . They say it was dispatched on the 6th of September with expected delivery by the 16th of oct. well that date has come and gone. And I still haven’t got my product!!! Better yet no contact whatsoever form fishpond as to where my item is. And conveniently their email tab doesn’t work!! So I can’t get in touch with them. They are disgraceful! So ATM I’m $89 out of pocket and nothing to show for it. Thanks fishpond .

  23. Mariana

    I am now very worried about thew books that I have on SmartSell, as in hoping to get paid for them one day. I had them picked up a week and a half ago and by the end of last week all but one were listed. The ones that were listed had various errors, the biggest being that a boxed set of two had seen advertised as two separate sets, not one! The set was new, but one was listed NEW and the other AS NEW (??!!). Another new book, still in original wrapping, had been listed AS NEW and not as Smartsell (as in expecting me to ship it in 2-5 days if sold), an as new book was listed new, and one just went into thin air! I tried emailing through the website only to see that my email had been lost everytime I clicked SEND and got instead a suggestion to WRITE to their PO BOX! So Ihad to compose and print a letter, then FASTPOST it. Finally I realised I could email them back to the email address that they used to arrange the pick up. I was surprised to get a decent reply a day later, and two working days later, the listings have been corrected but the missing book has not been accounted for. It is very didgy because there is no record of what you have sent them, and they will have your books and your money until they feel like paying you. Wish me luck.

  24. Mariana

    Kylie, can you please explain to me what am I in for with the charges that willbe done on my Smartsells? I have read on their website that they will charge the customer 3.95 or so for postage and they will charge me a minimum of .99 for wrapping? Then they take 17%…??
    Its fishpond.nz I’m dealing with.
    Oh another comment. I am waiting for three weeks now for a book I ordered directly from them. AND I bought one from a seller on their site, which was “as new” but when it arrived promptly but it had been highlighted and underscored on most pages! So can’t trust buying from sellers either.

  25. joanne

    Hi I have used SMartsell and have had no problems. I keep a list of what I had sent so if I had any problems I could send them a copy. There all my books that I have read (or didnt want to read)and so I dont mind the 17% commission, never been charged 99c for wrapping though. It does take about 14 days for them to be listed once I have sent them though. You cant really blame Fishpond for what the sellers write on the Sell Yours site. I get money paid into my Fishpond account as there is always something I need to buy of there and its my little savings account thats there when I need to buy something. Had no problems with money into my account either,

  26. Mariana

    After three weeks they finally acknoledged having the seventh book and made a smartsell listing for it (I had to make a Sellyours listing and email them for a week to get them to change it to Smartsell . The problem now is that they sold a new book $11 cheaper than their price to a person in Australia; so charged me $15.78 out of the total price ($51) for shipping and handling, then took the comission of 17% (6.12 or so) …..so a book that they sell for $62 NEW only meant $29.9 recovered to me!! I could have sold the book that cheap with shipping included on trademe and recovered more $, no need for their service!! It is no miracle to sell it when it has been heavily discounted and you are shipping overseas for free……now I am scared to find out how much will I be paying for S&H for the other books; that are even heavier!!! Their website says that the buyer pays the S&H fee but they don’t say that is comes off the sale price!!
    I had to ask them to please not sell my books to Australia!!

  27. Colleen

    I am pleased to say that i have ordered many books and dvd’s through the fishpond website and have never encountered a single issue with the service. In fact, they have actually exceeded my expectations each time. I would recommend them to anyone.

      1. Jimmy

        Colleen is a troll…don;t think any genuine buyer would ever say that about fishpond.com.au…bunch of frauds on the internet….we need to initiate legal action against these scammers – if they have operate using an Australian domain name, they fall under Australian trade regulations…

  28. Ong Yuh Chian

    For those who intend to buy from fishpond, be very careful not to make any mistakes on the address. I unfortunately did, and was not in time to change it despite realizing it the next day. This is because they do not track their parcels. I was told to wait until the book returned to them, after which they will send it out again. In good faith I believed they’ve seen a fair share of such cases, and waited. A month later, they said they haven’t received it and gave the standard reply for me to wait. Two months later, they still gave me the standard reply. They were never upfront about the possibility that the book was gone, nor did they offer to have me buy a second copy, and refund me when the first book came back in. It wasn’t bad service, it was callousness. They don’t really care about putting you on hold forever, which IMO is more anguish than paying extra. And I always had to initiate the check. Nobody ever updated me.

  29. Yasu

    I got trouble.. same as others.
    Oder was made on 4-Dec. But nothing delivered till now.
    It seems Fishpond expect me to wait more.
    I think they are doing crazy business, cheating people.

  30. Jane (not my real name)

    I’m currently in a dispute with Fishpond. I hope I’ll eventually get my money back. You’re EXACTLY right! Bad experience…such a hassle….NEVER AGAIN! My advise to one and all: DON’T buy anything from Fishpond! Mark my words!!!!!

    1. Fishpond sucks

      Jane what happened? Was it sorted?

      Fishpond charged me for something I didnt buy and they told me i ordered it using another email. I already told them i only have 1 account with them. They told me to wait for the product to arrive and the return it for refund. I asked them if they even sent it to my address and now they are not replying!!!


  31. Vijaya Pandji

    I had exactly the same problem as the top review
    I have previously recommended Fishpond to all my friends but after continuous bad customer service and having to chase them over everything I am going to tell you all to AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE.
    When selling-They charge postage on your behalf, which does not really cover the cost of posting most books, ( $11.90 ) Australia post charge up to $15.00 if over 500gm plus they add the postage to the sale total THEN deduct their percentage, so they essentially give with one hand and take with the other. I have no issue with them taking a cut of the sale price. I have an issue with them taking a cut of the postage they charge customers “on your behalf”. That is just wrong and a lie.

    – After books are sold it can take up to 21 days to get paid, they say 7 – 14, but most of the time I have had to email asking when I will be paid and often it can take over 1 month from when I sell it to when I get paid.The first book was 2 months ago but they still havent paid me for the 4 books i sold on their behalf,!!
    These people cheat and lie, they dont give you money that they owe you and you have no way of contacting them.. DON’T buy anything from Fishpond! DON”Y sell anything!!!!!

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  33. Simon

    I have just placed an order with Fishpond and I wish I had read this before placing the order. Anyway here’s an interesting snippet from the Booktopia website:
    “Booktopia or Fishpond?
    It is a bit of false advertising that Fishpond is an Australian store. Fishpond is a New Zealand business. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    Please understand we enjoy our competition, but Fishpond does not pay GST, does not employ any Australians, does not have a phone number you can ring, nor does it have an email address on its website. There is no Australian physical presence and our Australian Booksellers Association has refused its membership application for this reason. They will never be able to make the BRW Fast 100.”

  34. Patricia Jambon

    I have not received five books, Order #X55C38R, supposedly sent to me
    on 5th December, 2012 and for which I paid $77.86. Despite many E-mails
    to Fishpond (all of which either have automated responses and some even
    bounce back) and three letters sent to their Perth address………..I get no
    response…………….absolutely nothing? I do want a refund from them.
    Can anyone suggest what I can do please?


  35. Ade

    I’ve been buying book from fishpond in a while. I always get my books there and it’s cheaper too. I’ve never had problems(and hope never).
    You’ve made me aware that I can’t trust sites that much because I’ve trusted Fishpon a lot

  36. Han


    This is the worst online shipping experience I have ever had!!!

    This really stupid!!! I order 2 CDs but fishpond only send me 1 CD. Then when I emailed then to find our why, they took 1 week to reply saying that the shipping is from different merchants so have wait. Then after waiting so long they send me email saying there is no more stocks!!!

    Then in your email below asking for my bank account number to refund me… but I made payment with paypal and they did not provide inform on how they will refund to my paypal account!!!

    Shopped at fishpond and waited for 3 months and order still not complete. Worst of all, their helpdesk is almost non existance and retarded!

    These people are scammers!!! Making tracking and refund almost impossible. Not to mention trying to cheat me out of 1 CD. If this was a gift I send to someone else, it would never have been found out and you will pocket the money!!!


  37. Jimmy

    I fully agree with your comments on fishpond. They are cheats. I ordered for a book on 06th of March 2013 and they send me a couple of order updates stating my book will be delivered by 06th of May 2013. The book has not arrived after a good 2 months of wait. I have asked for a refund now. Let me see what they have to say…I reckon fishpond is a bogus site trying to make money by charging people beforehand for goods they won’t deliver. It is a scam.

  38. Wairuanor

    I just decided to sell two boxes full of books and DVDs (the kind that I haven’t read or watched for a long time and most likely would never have taken out of their boxes again) with SmartSell. The courier was supposed to come either yesterday or today to pick the parcels up (at least that’s what I had requested) but neither did I get a confirmation email nor did anyone turn up to pick up the parcel. Here’s to hoping that they will reply to the email I sent them today. I’m rather annoyed because I’m kind of moving so I thought this was the ideal solution even if there wasn’t much money in it… *sigh* …. the comments here don’t give me much hope, esp. because they reach back YEARS…. shouldn’t a company improve over time?

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  40. Holly

    I’ve always had great service from fishpond, the books arrive when they source them (at least they let us know that in an email) and in excellent condition as well. They answer my emails promptly and politely. I also sell with them and have been pleased with the results.

    “Jimmy May 6, 2013 at 10:20 pm
    Colleen is a troll…don;t think any genuine buyer would ever say that about fishpond.com.au…”
    —> HOW RUDE! This Jimmy doesn’t know Colleen from a bar of soap and he says this.

    Just so you know, there is such a thing as freedom of speech. I’m not Fishpond staff and I have never had any trouble with them.

    And you can recommend Amazon all you like but so many of their products can’t be shipped overseas. In Australia it’s good to have a place like Fishpond that’s local to go to.

  41. Pat

    Avoid Fishpond at all costs. A very bad recent experience as a seller. Yes, sold my books, I sent them off and paid postage, but I cannot get Fishpond to pay into my bank account even though that is the option I pre-selected. They keep crediting a rewards account I did not open. I wanted to get rid of books, not spend any money made on new books. Lots of emails and nothing has changed.
    It would have been cheaper to give away my books, at least I wouldn’t have had to pay postage!!!
    AND in desperation I ordered a book through their rewards, and guess what, it showed a 2 day delivery time when I ordered it, that then pushed out to 21 days!
    My Fishpond experience has just seemed like an internet con. Build a business model around getting other people to provide the stock, pay the freight, and then force them to spend their money on your site, and sit back and collect commission.

  42. Ayu

    I bought nail polish set from fish pond.
    It says i’ll get one of each colour in the set as shown,all different shades.24 pieces.
    But only ONE piece dispatched to me 🙁
    I only got ONE piece.
    Is there any misunderstanding?
    Did i read the explanation wrong?
    I thought i would get 24 pieces 🙁
    I wrote a review and they removed it.

  43. Francisco

    I bought a doll for my daughter and after 3 months they sent me another totally different doll. Claim and they said “the barcode of the item you received matches the item That was ordered, so unfortunately it Appears That the description / title on our website is incorrect. Our marketing team has been Notified and we expect That This Will Be Within corrected the next few days. ”

    Does anyone buy products by barcode?

    They offered me to return the product, but I would have to pay the shipping and refund.

    I do not recommend anyone buy at this store. In addition, working as they work, I guess soon disappear and then all orders remain lost.

  44. Aupat

    A hobby of mine is Rubik’s cube solving and so I decided to buy a cube from fishpond. I ordered and bought it about a month and a half ago, and it has still not arrived. They made excuses that it was “In another warehouse” about 3-4 weeks in (it was advertised at only 2 weeks shipping time). I wonder if this sort of behaviour is normal or a coincidence…


  45. Farah Rasheed

    Well i tried to sell from Fishpond, and I would NEVER reccomend them. Firstly as mentioned from comments above they are slack with their customer service. Even though it says it could take “2 days” for a reply, in reality it is 6 – 7 days. And even then it’s not a proper answer, and when you repeat your question, it takes them another long while to reply back. I tried SmartSell and I found that they put my products waaaay under cost value, even though I specifically put all the details of the prices in the box as well. Then they put products I did not even give them on to the site as me selling. I just have to say they have really broken my confidence in them, and I have been trying to reach them for the last 3 weeks with no replies back. So I would say definitely don’t do trading with these guys.

  46. Juan Rodriguez

    I was considering shipping a few cases of products to sell on FishPond, but not I’m thinking that maybe I’ll just sell a few items directly and see how it goes, before I commit to sending them cases of merchandize.

  47. Lost

    I gave fishpond hundreds of new items to sell for me under their SmartSell.

    They stalled for so long, did not sell them & eventually stole all my goods.

    I am thousands of dollars out of pocket & will never trust them again.

  48. Edward

    I ordered an exercise bike ,total cost $972. I am waiting for it’s arrival this month or early next month. Hope it arrives or I’ll have to consult the Minister for Fair Trading or other Australian Authority for Help.

  49. Edward

    What I’ve already read disgusts me as I have never had trouble like this from any suppliers advertising on the internet. I hope something can be done by the relevant authorities to get this mess sorted .

  50. Mike Ginlay

    I never have good experience with fishpond but I found a couple of good private sellers on their whom you can contact directly via Facebook pages of the same name GloboPop NonStop and AsiaPop NonStop, I believe they are same seller as on productreview.com.au they have joint name, they had a really negative review of fishpond over issues they are having as a seller then when I checked recently it was gone and in it’s place was a positive review from them as a buyer, I contacted them via Facebook and one of the pages managers not the fishpond account holder responded that what they have heard is Fishpond.co.nz themselves have contacted him because of his complaints and disputes and apparently threatening to make a formal complaint about them refusing to list some items over false reasons and his negative review which ironically they made no response to yet they responded to the positive review, they are going to close his accounts and return all unsold items and any payments for sales still pending will be cancelled. Shows just how much they care about keeping clients, I don’t know for certain if it’s true but with all the complaints there are online about fishpond including from a seller apparently owed $2000 it wouldn’t be surprising but it would be dissapointing as those to seller profiles had lots of great things for cheap.

  51. Fiona

    I have sold a few books through Fishpond over the last year but have been having trouble getting paid. This is pretty rough after supplying and posting books to customers on their behalf.

    Most recently, they told me there was a problem with my bank account and the payment was being rejected. They say they retried several times. Then the cheque they say they posted never arrived. A month ago I set up a PayPal account specially for them, and I’m still waiting.

    Suspicious and annoyed, would be a good summary of my current position on them…

  52. Bec

    I have recently just begun to sell books on Fishpond, wow so far I have lost money or made very little. After the very low postage cost they charge cases, in most cases I have been out of pocket for postage and then the commission they take on the total sale including postage could have just given the books to charity, in one sale I actually made zero dollars after sending the book to New Zealand the total sale I made only paid for the postage.

    Not good enough, after selling 4 books through them, will not be selling any in the future.

  53. Fiona

    Following up on my post of 28 June, I did eventually get paid. It took a lot of time, and a ridiculous amount of rattling the cage, but eventually they gave me the money they owed me.

    I did think my head was going to spin off in July though, when someone-Fishpond who had been part of the email chain a few months earlier requesting that I please be patient (while I waited for the mythical cheque to arrive from NZ), re-entered the conversation as if it were the first she’d heard of my problem: we’ve received an email from a customer saying you’re concerned about supplying their book to them because we haven’t paid you for the last two books you provided on our behalf four months ago – can it be true?? OMG – so very frustrating and annoying. And unnecessary. And unacceptable.

    Anyway, it’s finally sorted and I’ll never list anything with them again.

    But I did want to acknowledge Bec’s comment from the other day. I had a similar experience with the first book I sold on the site – it was bought by someone in NZ and it cost me more to post the book to them ($22), than they paid for it ($20) – and, of course Fishpond would still claim their commission. I contacted Fishpond at that point, and they told me that I just need to increase the amount I allowed for postage. I also un-checked the box saying I would sell to NZ. But I don’t think that’s a reasonable answer.

    Postage costs continue to rise, and if memory serves, the base price for posting a parcel (which let’s face it, most books are) within Australia is currently $6.95. And, if I remember correctly, that doesn’t include packaging (after a while I tried to reuse packaging, but think that’s right). I really don’t think it’s reasonable of Fishpond to not properly acknowledge the costs of postage and packaging, to push that problem down onto the people who are trading on their site (which is benefiting Fishpond’s business by expanding their stock). It doesn’t seem right for them to take a commission out of the postage component of the sale as well.

    My second-last comment is about how poor their customer service is generally. It can be difficult it is to get in touch with them if you have an issue. Even if you ask them to call so you can talk through your problem – they email back saying they don’t provide a phone service to customers. They force you to use email, which gives you a paper trail but drags things out and is frustrating when they’re not answering the question or dealing with the problem. I also found that the email address was hit-and-miss: messages got through some times, and at other times they bounced, the reply saying that address wasn’t monitored, leaving me with… nothing. This just about drove me crazy.

    And finally – a word of warning: I contacted Fair Trading about the problems I was having getting paid, and they told me that they couldn’t help. The only way I could have taken action against them was to start private legal proceedings, which, obviously I wasn’t going to do over $30. The cynic in me suspects that Fishpond is well aware that there’s no recourse for the people who list books on their site, so there’s no motivation for them to improve their practices here. In hindsight, I’d say it’s absolutely not worth the time and effort: seller beware!

  54. Elyse

    Fishpond hold no inventory, so when they say something is in stock, they mean they can get it from Amazon or some other seller. Guess what, you can too and you’ll get it faster from Amazon, in decent packaging. Books arrive in shabby condition tossed into an unpadded envelope and take ages. There is absolutely zero customer service, you can’t get hold of anyone by phone to ask questions. I fell into the trap of ordering from them in plenty of time for Christmas (four weeks) and the books showed up in mid January. They are a joke of a business.

  55. Maurice FOURNIER

    Warning Warning Warning Don’t get close to Fishpond.com.au It’s a SCAM
    They are not interested about service to the customer.they are only interested about collecting your money,and keep as long as possible. Nice advertising beautifull juicy items but they don’t exist Very tempting hard to resist but It’s all MIRAGE If you buy ,you fall in the TRAP. Fill your order form paie for your item,and from now on you are in trouble. No telephonne number they pretend email is faster, but they is no body to email to The customer service is nil. About 10 working days later you receive your parcel But of course with the wrong Item all email are automatic answering no reply. you going to receive the TRADITIONAL “”WE ARE TERRYBLY SORRY FOR THE ISSUE “”” and a Reply paid # So you can send back to them the CRAP parcel you hold in your hands.You still have to go to your post office to post it So they procedure is 1 )- You get charged AU$ 5.00 for RESTOKING FEE ( YOU PAID FOR THEY MISTAKE mind you )
    2 )- 3 0 working days delay for your refund.
    Hundred or thousand people in the same situation, that make a lot of money
    free of interest.It’s a good reason to keep the money as long as possible.
    Or you can get a comment like<<Hi BlaBla. We are truly sorry to hear that you 've had ISSUES with your order, Fishpond.com.au is an on -line retailer and we do not carry stock of all items advertised. On the fishpond.com.au site, we work through a network of suppliers both locally and overseas and order on demande BLA BLA BLA!!!!!!!!! What all that got to do with the customer. WE don't give a DAMN how they organise they work or Where they products come from even if it come from the other side of the moon It's they problemes Fishpond.com.au take the responsability to advertise under Fishpond.com.au They have to assume responsability to supply the good advertised.
    If that is the way Australian business work, I'm ready to open a new on-line Shop anytime I need a very little stock of cheap items to send when I got someone in te TRAP So I collect the money of the juicy advertising,an put the CRAP back on the shelf for the next goat. I collect AU$ 5.00 for restoking;And I can use the money of the good juicy item for at least 30 working days No problemes. Not bad ideal.

    I refuse to paid any restoking fee Or any fee at all. I expect my full AU$ of44.86 back on my PAYPAL Account. If my account is not clear ,I will put a request to ACCC for a investigation. I 'm not going to give one cent for all the stress and upsetting experience for a SO simple transaction. I never had that type of probleme for any on-line purchase.

    Please lets get together and get rid of thatSCAM

    Tey are some government department ready to help to clean the SCAM
    The form is very easy to fill ( I did it so everybody can do it ) I can't fill the form for you

    Please do it and lest get a clean place where you can shop safely With a relaxing manner

    Have a nice day


  56. Tine

    I want to add my experience: not only they didn’t deliver my book, but for the first 20 days it wasn’t possible to even inquire about it, then they added another 10 days just to be sure, then when all their time limits were expired the form wouldn’t work anymore!!!! Enjoy my $16…
    Do not buy there

  57. Hayley Davis

    Hello there
    I have bought a few items from fishpond and have never had a problem with them.
    I have sent emails to them and have always got good messages Back
    And they have always only taken a couple of days to get back to me.
    I always get an email to say item has been shipped.
    I collect barbie dolls
    And because I don’t have a credit card I like the fact that I can pay into there bank account from mine.
    If I ever have a problem I will post here.
    Good luck to you all.
    Cheers Hayley.

      1. Hayley Davis

        Penny Bell I swear on my life I have never had a problem with them and no I don’t work for them
        I don’t lie
        If I ever had a problem then I would post on here
        I can’t help what happens to other people who buy from fishpond its out of my hands.
        Enough said on this matter.
        Fishpond is great

  58. Penny Bell

    Hello Kylie,

    I know this post of yours is more than four years old, but I wanted to alert you to something which Fishpond is doing regarding how this post is linked on the internet.

    Fishpond have hijacked the search engine results which point to this page and I thought you should know. You might want to alert the main search engines, Google, Yahoo and others to this skull duggery by Fishpond. It is plainly dishonest and lacks transparency, integrity and moral fibre.

    This is how the search result comes up via Google:

    “Why I do not recommend FishPond online bookstore
    Jun 23, 2011 – I have previously recommended Fishpond for books, but after continuous …. finding it impossible to actually contact Fishpond either by phone or email. ….. them via Facebook and one of the pages managers not the fishpond … ”

    To get to this page I had to dissemble the information in the second line and copy and paste it separately into the address bar – without clicking on the hyperlink shown in the results on the search page. Clicking on the result takes you to a happy Fishpond page full of Fishpond promotions.

    Like everyone else in here, Fishpond promised books would arrive in time for Christmas – ordered in October 2015. Christmas has long been and gone and still no books, so I started searching for other opinions online.

    Fishpond claim that Australia Post said my address is “unknown”, even though there were no errors in its transcription and even though I have lived here for years, it is in the middle of suburbia and I have never missed a day’s mail!

    Kind regards.

    Penny Bell.


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