From Homeless Single Mother to Award Winning CEO, Speaker, Author and Consultant!

Kylie went from homeless single mother on Centrelink to multiple international award-winning CEO, entrepreneur, author, speaker and charity ambassador. She is passionate about empowering you through financial freedom. Due to her business achievements, personal experience and desire to help others, Kylie has been awarded 3 Plutus Awards in the USA, was a finalist for Young Australian of the Year and various other awards which you can find here.

Having overcome domestic violence, homelessness, rape, robber, paralysis (twice), multiple surgeries and mental health issues, Kylie has extensive personal experience she can speak about. When it comes to business and charity work, Kylie ran a marketing company, owns multiple successful websites, sat on the board for The Early Morning Centre in Canberra and has been an ambassador for various charities.

Currently, she is available to speak at events, do consultations on business and marketing for your organisation or ambassador work. A few previous clients include Wonderful Indonesia, MoneyQuest, Australia Post, AVAC, [email protected], Hands Across Canberra and Adrenaline.

Public Speaking

As an experienced, engaging speaker which will leave your attendees inspired and empowered, Kylie shares exactly how she went from homeless to CEO. Practical steps mixed with personal stories show you how to turn obstacles into opportunities to accelerate your business and life.

Other topics commonly requested include:

How to make money blogging – Kylie owns multiple websites and flips websites for a profit. One of her sites has won Best International Personal Finance Blog twice and The Thrifty Issue makes 6 figures and is regularly featured in media.
Marketing and PR on a shoestring budget – Blogging, SEO, social media marketing, media, PR, influencer outreach and marketing campaigns are just a few of the topics included in this presentation.
Ways to make and save money – Kylie first started with blogging, sharing ways to make and save money. Numerous media appearances have been around this with a focus on how mums can make and save money at home.

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Ambassador and Influencer Work

Kylie has been an ambassador and advocate for various charities, events and works with brands extensively on her site The Thrifty Issue. She has organised influencer trips, influencer campaigns and international media coverage has been gained for charities such as This Is Not A Wife Beater when she’s been involved.

Kylie won Best International Personal Finance Blog twice, was a finalist for Young Australian of the Year in 2015 and a runner-up for various business and charity awards. Her main site, The Thrifty Issue shares ways to make and save money and has been featured on Win, Sunrise, Weekend Sunrise and in various other media. She works with brands to bring more exposure, sales and followers to them through posts, events and speaking in conjunction with The Thrifty Issue.

With public speaking, consulting and through her websites, she can bring awareness, raise funds and do work around homelessness, finance and helping Australians.
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Why Work With Me?

If you want someone who thrives on helping others achieve personal, business and financial goals, Kylie is the woman to work with. Through her experience, she can help you save time and money in key areas ensuring success quicker in every area of your life.

She personally founded a company, built award-winning blogs, bought and sold businesses for ten times their purchase price, created extensive marketing strategies for national and international governments and corporations, published books, presented internationally at conferences, festivals and Parliament House as well as helped raise millions for my chosen charities.

She provides freeĀ content on her blog to help you turn your obstacles into opportunities, particularly focusing on helping people get off Centrelink, build businesses, improve finances, travel more and have a lifestyle they love.

For businesses

Whether you are a small business owner or part of a large organisation, she can:
Provide strategies to improve your business and marketing.
Create amazing content to drive traffic and sales, particularly in the finance and travel niches.
Present an engaging and motivational speech or workshop at your next event.
Be a brand ambassador for your business or charity.
– Spend one hour, a whole day or week with you via skype or in office to strategies your business, create content or on a personal level, help you identify blocks in your life and get practical steps to turn your obstacles into opportunities, improve your finances and build a life you love. Click here for more information.

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