From Homeless Single Mother to Award Winning CEO, Speaker, Author and Consultant!

I went from homeless single mother on Centrelink to multiple international award-winning CEO, entrepreneur, author, speaker and charity ambassador. I am passionate about empowering you through financial freedom. My services include speaking at your event, power sessions in finance/business/marketing/your life, writing and editing.

Public Speaking

As an experienced, engaging speaker which will leave your attendees empowered, I share exactly how I went from homeless to CEO, providing practical steps to turn obstacles into opportunities to accelerate your business and life.

I can also speak about ways to make and save money, business including marketing, blogging and how to buy and sell websites. Read more about Kylie Travers speaking at your event here.

Power Sessions

Whether you want a business mentor, marketing advice, financial tips or a life overhaul, a power session with me will cover anything you want to focus on. In a session we braintstorm, create plans and fill in the gaps so enable you to smash your goals. Check out full details of powers sessions here.

Ambassador and Influencer Work

I won Best International Personal Finance Blog twice, along with other awards. My main site, The Thrifty Issue shares ways to make and save money. I work with brands to bring more exposure, sales and followers to them through that site. With my public speaking, consulting and websites, I also strive to bring awareness, raise funds and do work around homelessness and helping Australians.
To discuss your needs and how I can help or to book a session email or contact me here.

Why Work With Me?

I thrive on helping you achieve personal, business and financial goals. Through my experience, I can help you save time and money in key areas ensuring success quicker in every area of your life.

I personally founded a company, built award-winning blogs, bought and sold businesses for ten times their purchase price, created extensive marketing strategies for national and international governments and corporations, published books, presented internationally at conferences, festivals and Parliament House as well as helped raise millions for my chosen charities.

I provide loads of content on my blog to help you turn your obstacles into opportunities, particularly focusing on helping people get off Centrelink, build businesses, improve finances, travel more and have a lifestyle they love.

For businesses

Whether you are a small business owner or part of a large organisation, I can:
Provide strategies to improve your business and marketing.
Create amazing content to drive traffic and sales, particularly in the finance and travel niches.
Present an engaging and motivational speech or workshop at your next event.
Be a brand ambassador for your business or charity.
– Spend one hour, a whole day or week with you via skype or in office to strategies your business, create content or on a personal level, help you identify blocks in your life and get practical steps to turn your obstacles into opportunities, improve your finances and build a life you love. Click here for more information.

Let’s accelerate your business and get you where you want to be! Email or contact me here to discuss your needs.

For personal help

If you’re anything like many of my readers you’re facing some extreme obstacles right now and need help to overcome them and turn them into opportunities. Those obstacles might be struggling on Centrelink, starting up a business, dealing with health issues or simply not knowing what to do with your life.

“How can I get off Centrelink?”
“Why can’t I overcome my obstacles and have the life I want?”
“How can I turn my business around?”
“How can I run a business as a single mother?”
“I’m about to lose everything/am dealing with divorce/have extreme health issues. How can I cope?”

If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, I can help!

I’ve personally overcome:
– Homelessness
– Domestic Violence
– Paralysis
– Borderline Personality Disorder
– Multiple surgeries
– A cancer scare
– Robbery
Plus I built my businesses as a homeless single mother of two special needs daughters. Despite these obstacles, I have won multiple international awards, been a finalist for Young Australian of the Year, spoken internationally, published books and helped raise millions for charities.

Check out the content on my blog, or if you prefer, book a one on one session to discuss your finances and create a strategy to accelerate your life.


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