Writer. Marketer. Consultant.

In a nutshell, I went from homeless single mother to multiple international award-winning CEO, author, speaker and charity ambassador. That isn’t what matters to me. What matters to me is empowering women through financial independence. To do this, I speak publicly on various topics, offer one on one mentoring and consultations on various topics, write about ways to make and save money at The Thrifty Issue and walk the talk. What you see is what you get with me.

Freelance Writing

Writing about finance, travel, parenting, business and issues impacting every day Australians is what I do best. Whether you want ongoing SEO rich content for your site, an article for your magazines, email list, ongoing articles each month or other content, I can create relatable, engaging content for you.

Book me to write for you or find out more about my options and portfolio here. Alternatively, email admin@kylietravers.com.au to discuss your needs.

Marketing and Business Consultations

Having won multiple international awards, worked with national and international companies, governments and small business, I have vast experience. I offer a variety of consultations to improve your marketing, increase ROI, find new revenue streams and streamline your business to make life easier.

You can find the full selection, prices and book in for marketing and business consultations here.

Public Speaking

I love public speaking and it shows in all my presentations. Whether you need someone to offer motivation and inspiration (my keynote is how to turn obstacles into opportunities), an award-winning expert on content and social media or someone to share ways to make and save money, I offer it all. Find out more about speaking here.

My three most popular presentations are:

How to turn obstacles into opportunities

If you truly want to motivate and inspire attendees, in this keynote I share exactly how I went from homeless to CEO and how they can as well. With a focus on practical steps anyone can take to live a more meaningful life and turn their obstacles into opportunities, attendees can immediately implement the tips.

How to market with no money

When starting out in business, most small business owners don’t have much cash. How to market with no money shows attendees practical ways to get on TV, increase their social media, know their target audience, land other media and where to focus their time and money. Marketing is such a huge topic, it can be overwhelming for anyone. In my presentation, I make it easy for anyone to understand and implement some simple things to improve the way they market their business.

Ways To Make And Save Money

One of my favourite presentations to give, Ways To Make And Save Money does exactly that! On The Thrifty Issue, I share numerous things I have done to make and save money over the years, including monthly updates of my side hustles. In this presentation I show attendees how to get control of their finances, tips to make $1,000 right now plus ideas on things they can do to make and save money in all areas of their life.

Let’s accelerate your business and get you where you want to be! Email admin@kylietravers.com.au or contact us here to discuss your needs.

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