The past few years have been interesting! I went from homeless single mother to multiple international award-winning CEO, author, speaker and ambassador.


From homeless to CEO

I was living in Sydney, had just left my abusive marriage and someone broke into my home, taking all my clothes, jewellery, shoes, makeup, everything including my underwear.

It was only a few months before this my daughters had both been diagnosed with learning disabilities requiring extensive treatment.

By early 2013, my daughters and I were homeless.

I managed to rebuild, moved to Canberra, founded a company, bought more websites, started volunteering around homelessness and was a finalist for a bunch of awards including Young Australian of the Year. I loved my life in Canberra and things were looking up.

Paralysis changed everything

In 2015 I ended up paralysed, with extreme pain and a cancer scare (they thought I had the cancer my mum died from. Instead, I have a rare condition which requires annual surgery to remove polyps and may or may not be cancer).

Paralysis and pain so extreme I blacked out multiple times lasted for 7 months. At the end of that year, it stopped and I moved to Melbourne where I now live with my 2 daughters, aged 8 and 10.

Because that’s not enough…

During this time I also overcame Borderline Personality Disorder, won Best International Personal Finance Blog twice (for another site), bought and sold a bunch of sites, won the Plutus Foundations Service Award and was a runner-up for various business and social awards.

I am passionate, resilient, outgoing and love helping people build a business and life they want. I am grateful for the experiences I have had and how they made me grow.

I love where my life is right now. I especially love public speaking and thrive where others may shy away. I have the ability to see opportunities in obstacles and see ways to make money where others don’t. This combined with years of business, marketing, speaking and consulting experience while being a single mum means I have a plethora of skills and experience to help you.

About me personally

Here are some things about me which always surprise people:

I am 1 of 9 kids!

Yes, NINE. I am number 4. I grew up the 3rd of 5, then my mum passed away when I was a teen and my dad remarried. My step mum had 4 kids, hence being 1 of 9.

I am extremely fortunate to have a close family. My blood siblings and I talk every day and my family have been a huge support to get me to where I am today.

I grew up “Mormon”

I am no longer a member of the church, but my dad is a bishop and my family are all members. It’s quite entertaining seeing people’s reactions to this fact about me. I don’t hate the church, I simply don’t believe in it.

I have 2 kids

I have been a single mother for most of their lives. My eldest is 10 and obsessed with animals. My youngest is 8 and obsessed with rocks. They love to play footy (AFL, they go for Geelong), travel, go to the beach and play Lego.

I have lived in 27 homes, I’m only 32

I move around, a lot. I’ve lived in Tassie twice, Canberra 4 times, Sydney twice and now in Melbourne. Multiple homes in each area for various reasons including one house burning down because the waterbed caught on fire while we were on holidays and numerous homes in Sydney because of my now ex-husband.

With my daughters in a hot air balloon over Melbourne.

I love helping people build the lives they want. I love speaking at events, sharing my experiences as well as practical steps to turn any obstacle into an opportunity to accelerate your business or life. I am passionate about finance, travel, health and family. I am open about my life, my experiences and want to see others succeed.


If you need an experienced, engaging and motivational speaker for your next event, I’m it. Every event I have spoken at you can hear a pin drop people are so shocked and inspired by the adversity I’ve overcome. You can check out topics and testimonials here, including my popular keynotes “How To Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities To Accelerate Your Business And Life” based on my experience of going from homeless to CEO plus specific steps you can take to turn any obstacles into an opportunity, or “How To Marketing On A Shoestring Budget”. To inquire about me speaking at your event email my team at or contact us here.


Whether it’s a strategy session on marketing and business, a consult to improve your personal life or discussion on creating killer content to drive sales and acquire more clients, a session with me will leave you inspired and motivated with practical steps to implement immediately. You can see my pricing here or email

Testimonial from Kimmi of The Plastic Diaries.

“I just wanted to shoot through a quick thank you for all your amazing advice yesterday. As I knew I would, the overwhelming feeling has subsided quite a bit and it’s been replaced with excitement and eagerness. I have done the first two tasks and I’m trying to reign in the desire to go full speed ahead with everything on the list. I’m just very excited and keen to see how much I can grow – and I really feel like it’s possible now. Today I feel a goal becoming clearer and that is to turn over my business ideas.

So thank you! I’m very excited and I can’t wait for us to work together even more.”

Writing and Editing
I love writing, especially about finance or travel. I am available for articles, blog posts, copywriting and editing anything from books to ads. My work has been featured in national and international magazines, my blog posts picked up by TV and radio stations such as Sunrise and I’ve garnered extensive exposure for my clients. Find out more about writing and editing services here.

Ambassador, brand advocate, sponsorships and other advertising
If you would like me to represent your brand, either as a spokesperson, in advertising, writing about you or being featured in anything, you can find some options here.


To book Kylie email or to find out more about her speaking head here

Below is a video from a very personal presentation revealing a little more than Kylie has before about her experience and domestic violence triggers for This Is Not A Wife Beater.

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