I wrote this post within hours of discovering I was robbed, and it is still how I feel. I wrote because I needed to. I had spoken to my dad and was waiting for police. I needed to do this for me, to help me. The gratitude I wrote at the end has helped a lot this week, as has the support from everyone who knows me both online and in real life. Thank you!

I was robbed. I came home Saturday night and I knew, before I even stepped in the house. I had a feeling I had been robbed. I felt it as I pulled up to my house although there were no obvious signs.

I pulled into my drive, opened the gate and parked my car. I got my kids out of the car and as I turned to the house I saw my side gate was open. I knew I didn’t leave it open, but wondered (hoped) the windy weather that was going on when I left had blown it open. Not likely with a secure, Colourbond fence, but I didn’t want to freak out.

As I approached my back step I was listening for any sounds. It was almost midnight and it was silent. To my left I noticed a plastic bag of something on the ground. Before I even pulled up I had seen what looked like the remains of firecrackers in my street, so I wondered if that bag was rubbish and kids had been using my backyard while I was away. That would make sense as to why the gate was open.

I unlocked the house and turned my lights on. Nothing was out of place that I noticed immediately. My kids ran inside and I turned to pick up the bag and check what it was. As soon as I touched it I knew.

This bag had my leather jacket and a few other clothing items in it. My stomach dropped. I went inside and walked up to my room. I nearly passed out and threw up at the same time. ALL my clothes, perfumes, my jewelry box, shoes, EVERYHING was gone. I had no wardrobe so all my dresses had been hanging off the curtain rod, not visible from the street, but completely noticeable when you walked in the room.

I ran to my daughter’s rooms, they were already asleep and nothing was out of place. I went back to my room, pulled open the drawers to my tallboy and saw even my underwear had been stolen.

Now, I without meaning to sound up myself, my wardrobe consisted of Cue, Sheike, Honey Birdette and brands like that. I had some Target thrown in, but quite a few expensive, corporate style items and no cheap underwear. I felt like I had been watched. Only 2 weeks ago I started wearing my nice clothes daily. I only moved into this house 1 week ago. EXACTLY 1 week.

I called the police immediately and broke down in tears. I had just moved here. I have recently been severely stalked so moved and virtually no one had been told my address. I am going through court over an AVO and I know that person didn’t do this, but it makes me sick that only MY things were taken and I feel like someone else has been watching me.

I don’t own a TV, there was no stereo, computer or other electronics brought into the house, so thankfully I don’t think there is anything for them to come back for and when I claim through insurance, I had no desire to replace my items exactly because I do not feel safe here.

My lease here is only 3 months. A big part of me wants to leave right now, but another part of me feels unsafe everywhere do to recent events. I had felt safe here. My kids loved this house and I had finally relaxed enough that I was sleeping through the night. I cannot even remember the last time I did that.

Now I am up at 2am waiting for the police to arrive because I have been robbed. I am hoping things go smoothly with insurance. I am hoping nothing else happens because in the past month I have had some horrible things happen resulting in charges and AVO’s, now a robbery. I try to be positive about things, but the amount of crime I have been subjected to in the last month is more than I can bear.

Because I do try to look at the positives, while this is a horrible situation, here are the positives:

– My daughters and I were not home. They have no clue anything happened and nothing more sinister happened because we were not here. I cannot express how truly grateful I am for that. We were not hurt and it is only STUFF that was taken.

– I have insurance.

– I have so many supportive friends and family. I posted on Facebook I had been robbed and instantly had a friend offer to come pick up my daughters and I and let us sleep at her place. This was after midnight too. I had so much support instantly from lots of people and it was a relief to know so many cared and were there, ready and willing to help me.

– I had just been away for a photo shoot so I have a couple of changes of clothes. Had it happened when I went to the shops or something I would have nothing.

– My 3 most expensive rings were not in my jewelry box. My sister in law is a jeweler and we had discussed these items and some things I was thinking of doing with them, so I had taken them with me to Canberra.

– Stuff can be replaced.

– I don’t need to de-clutter now. I wont have guilt over throwing out an item I bought but never wore because I don’t have any clothes any more.

– I really, really, really, really love shopping. Yes, I will admit that. I am so bad with how much I love it. I am pretty tame when it comes to actually spending and am sharp with getting value for money/free stuff/only buying in sales/asking for a discount and only getting what I need. But I LOVE shopping, even just window-shopping. I now have a real reason to shop and there will be no quilt associated with any spending.

This whole month has been shocking, but I can find some positives to these negative situations.

Have you ever been robbed or had a really bad run of luck?

Just wanted to add the police and my insurance have been brilliant. I’ll update you as things go on, but I am pretty impressed with how it has all been handled.

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