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I set a goal to help 1,000,000 Australians survive, thrive and where possible get off Centrelink. I’ve run a survey and some consistent themes come up. I aim to provide resources, articles and tips on all of it. To do this, I want to work with experts in these areas to ensure everyone gets the right advice and have someone to approach for expert advice when needed as I am not an expert on all things.

I need you if you are a qualified expert to answer some questions or provide a guest post based on the questions people have asked or things they have said they need help with in the survey.

You’ll get a permanent link on here, promoted through my social on an ongoing basis, my email list and there will be no sponsored post fee or anything else.

Who do I need?
Check the questions below to see if you can answer them professionally or if you have any other tips/ideas for people trying to get off Centrelink, pitch them to me.

To start with, I definitely need:
– A lawyer
– Real Estate Agent
– Financial Advisor
– Agencies or organisations that help those living on Centrelink
– Debt collector
– Home and garden maintenance/handyman person
– Medical expert can be a doctor, nurse or other
– Career advisor
– Childcare worker
– Mental health experts, counsellors, psychologists etc.
– Education experts or people with study options

Some of the questions/topics are:
– How to handle debt collectors and how to pay off debt
– Tips for maintaining a home and garden on a budget (also what are the essentials to do to prevent major repairs later)
– Tips for affordable childcare
– How to get a rental property, tips on what a real estate agent is looking for
– How to manage medical expenses/how to get medical treatment/tips in general for accessing medical care when living on Centrelink
– How to get an education/study options
– Tips for job searching (I am already speaking to some recruitment agencies for tips and posts on this)
– How to budget
– How to afford a home/housing affordability both renting and buying
– Tips on managing mental health
– What flexible working options are there?
– How to get legal advice e.g. where to go, what to ask, types of lawyers (one specific question was about how to get out of a contract)
– How to afford transport/car maintenance tips
– How to manage big regular expenses e.g rego

I am open to anything else that might help someone transitioning from Centrelink including those coming out of prison, living with disabilities, overcoming major life obstacles, divorce, debt, domestic violence etc.

I will not ever share the specifics of the survey answers with anyone, however, I can provide some guidance based on their answers (which only I see).

If you can help or are interested, email

Note: this is a limited time offer. Once I have the advice my readers need it will end. 

Post a comment below if you have something specific you want to be answered in a post!

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