A selection of places Kylie has been featured and media she has worked with

Kylie Travers has been featured in a variety of media including Win News, ABC radio, Raw radio, various magazines, newspapers, podcasts and websites. Some media was before she reverted to her maiden name of Travers. A selection of these are found below. For her features as a travel or finance writer, check her portfolio.


Featured on Channel 9 for her book 26 Ingredients

Featured on Channel 9 for going from homeless to CEO

Featured in The Financial Planner Association Promotions


Featured on Sunrise for the “This Is Not A Wife Beater” campaign
Featured on Weekend Sunrise for The Thrifty Issue, sharing ways to make money for Christmas

Homelessness as a result of domestic violence is the focus of this year’s #Canberra Community Sleep-out. A survivor has…Posted by WIN News Canberra on Thursday, July 16, 2015

Interviewed about Borderline Personality Disorder
Interview about Best Dressed and my experience with homelessness
 (Phil Clark interviewing Kylie Travers)
Interview with Louise Maher about my homeless experience
Guest on News Talk 3AW in Melbourne multiple times, ABC666, 2CC and 2CA in Canberra.

Kylie Travers has been featured in the first edition of Magazine (as one of 15 women to watch for 2015, image below), The Collective, Practical Parenting, Australian Good Health, Cleo, That’s Life, Take 5, New Zealand Property Investor and more.
Issue 6 of Lift – 
Success with goals (Kylie Travers)

15 women to watch

The Canberra Times (and associated media such as The Sydney Morning Herald)
Behind Closed Doors – How one Canberra woman fought back against domestic violence (Kylie Travers)
Announced as a finalist for Young Australian Of The Year, ACT, 2015

Kylie Ofiu (now Kylie Travers) - Finalist Young Australian Of The Year 2015 for The ACT pictured with her parents

Kylie Travers (middle) pictured with parents Mark and Joanne Travers

Kylie Ofiu Canberra Times

Homelessness and poverty could strike anyone in Canberra, say three who’ve been there by Ben Westcott

Kylie Ofiu Jayson and Anthony

Pictured with Jayson and Anthony

It’s a handy little top up (also in Sydney Morning Herald etc)
The Age – Solving the childcare crisis
City News – Kylie Shares The Financial Love

Also featured in their social section numerous times for events such as FashFest, Canberra Theatre events and Menslink Midweeker.


[email protected] Give Joy Campaign

Wisebread – Raising Financially Savvy Kids, Productivity And More (under my old name Kylie Ofiu)

Money Mastermind Show – MMS017 How Networking Can Help Your Career

(at 21 minutes in)

Kylie has been featured on numerous sites, guest posted on others and interviewed for media sites. Here is a small selection.
Kidspot – How to get money to leave an abusive relationship
The Annoyed Thyroid – She’s So Inspiring, Kylie Travers
Nicole Marie HuntThe Traveling Entrepreneur
Budget and The Bees – Tips for travelling in Indonesia
Mum CFO’s – How to make your business stand out on social media
ABC News – Borderline personality disorder: Study shows stigma a barrier to those seeking treatment
Womens Agenda – Could Blogging Be Your Next Full Time Role?
Problogger – Get Sponsored To Attend The Next Conference In Your Niche
Micro Miracles Matter – Interview With Entrepreneur Kylie
Simple Luxe Living – Women Who Use Bad Experiences To Empower Themselves: Meet Kylie
Women of Canberra – My thoughts on being a woman in Canberra
Daily Mail – This Is Not A Wife Beater Campaign
Lily Magazine – My Country Childhood with Kylie Travers
Confident Women – Kylie Travers
MyDealQ&A with Kylie Travers and Working from home

Podcast interviews
Karlsophies –
Stories behind success with Kylie Travers
MotivateMe! –
Don’t give up on your passion, just get creative
No Nonsense NonProfit –
Tips for engaging influencers 
Get It Done Mum – 
How to make money blogging and overcome big obstacles (with Kylie Travers)
Byron Ingraham – Turn obstacles into opportunities (with Kylie Travers)
Fit Armadillo – Kylie Travers from homeless to CEO
Sarah Starrs – Overcoming massive obstacles and smashing goals with Kylie Travers
Sister Mixin’ Podcast – From homeless to success with Kylie Travers
Single Mums Guide to Life – Kylie Travers

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