Financial resources to help you make and save money

If you are looking to make and save money, here a list of articles and resources to help you. Alternatively, if you would like a one on one session to assist you in determining ways you can make extra money, areas you can cut back and save more money, how to get free stuff and get help setting up your budget, you can book a one on one session with Kylie. Email

The complete list of things you can use your health care/pension/seniors card for has helped many save more when on a low income or pension.

If you are in an abusive relationship, this post has ways to find the money to leave and help afterward.

29 ways to make money while travelling, even as a family, has been one of the most popular posts on this site.

The Thrifty Issue is another site owned by Kylie Travers. On there she has:
101 ways to make money from home
10 ways to make $1,000 a month
Best Australian online survey sites
and numerous other articles to help you make and save money.

Get unclaimed money
Do a search of your local state revenue office to see if you have any unclaimed money then do another search to check for lost superannuation.

Get money fast
If you need money in a rush go through and check all your medical receipts to see if you have claimed them on Medicare and your health insurance if you have it.
Go through your house and collect anything that isn’t needed/hasn’t been used and sell it on eBay, GumTree or in Facebook buy/sell/swap groups.
Check sites like Gumtree, Airtasker and Facebook groups for wanted adds of odd jobs you can do such as gardening, cleaning, babysitting, ironing, delivering furniture and selling items for others.

Save money
Sit down, go over all your expenses, your bank statements and see how much money you are spending, on what and why. Create a realistic budget to ensure you are living within your means then stick to it. This might mean you need to get rid of some subscriptions, shop in sales, hang your clothes instead of using the dryer to reduce your electricity bill but it will be worth it.
Go over all your expenses and see if you can get a better deal. Compare insurance companies, bank accounts (fees, interest and other charges add up quickly), compare all services you use and if you can’t find better than you are currently on, don’t be afraid to call and ask your provider for a discount or if they can do any better for you.
Check out 50 ways to live for free and see how many you can apply to your life.

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Resources, tools and free downloads to help you create your budget, track expenses and reduce your expenses in every area of your life.

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