10 tips to help you do everything

How do you do it all? How do you manage multiple websites, speak publicly, be a CEO, attend events, spend time with your kids, travel and everything else you do?
Right now I run Occasio Enterprises, I speak publicly and attend numerous other events, have multiple websites, am an author, write for other sites/magazines etc, am a mum to two kids, travel internationally, am an advocate/ambassador for a few charities and spend quality time with my family. I have previously let all I do get out of control and ended up quite sick, paralysed and needing surgery as a result. Now I feel I have a good blend happening in my life with all I do.10 tips to help you do everything! P

1.) Get organised
You need a routine or some semblance of a routine at least. You need specific places for things so you are not hunting all over your house for paper work etc. This will save you a lot of time and the routine will ensure you are more productive as you know the set times you have to do things in, making you less likely to waste it.
I have a to do list with the three most important things I need to get done that day. I have another to do list which is longer and has other things on it, but each day I focus on the three most important tasks and anything else I get done after completing those tasks is a bonus.
I map out my day, my week, my months and have it all on a calendar plus use a diary to help me stay on track.

2.) Do not try to do everything at once
Choose a time for everything and stick to it. Instead of having multiple tabs open on your laptop, jumping from writing to Facebook to email and having a TV show going in the background I try to focus on one thing at a time to the point where I have installed a Chrome extension called SelfControl which enables me to block certain sites such as Facebook for a period of time.

3.) Know your values 
I write about working out your values a little while ago. I am pretty clear on what is important to me, the life I want and my core values – integrity, family and health are my three big ones closely followed by freedom as in financial freedom, career freedom, travel and a lifestyle I love. Take the time to sit down and work out what your core values are and ask yourself if your life is in line with those values. If it’s not, what do you need to change?

4.) Say No!
No is a complete sentence. You don’t need to provide excuses or reasons, you can simply say ‘No”. Don’t take on things you don’t want to do. Don’t let others pressure your into things or make you feel guilty. How you spend your time is your choice. If you are clear on your values and purpose, it is easier to say no. We decided this year if something wasn’t a “Hell YES!” then it’s a “Hell NO!” Meaning, if we weren’t totally pumped about something, if it didn’t line up with our values, goals and plans for our life, then we weren’t going to do it.

5.) Work when you are freshest
I am not a morning person and I am ok with that. I struggle first thing in the morning and it’s a battle to get anything done. Once I accepted this and started working in the times that suited me better I got more done.
A typical day for me will often look like:
Get the kids ready for school and take them, come home and do emails, clean up a bit and basically not do anything that requires too much thinking. After lunch I get into work, pick my daughters up in the afternoon, spend time with them and in the evening work after they’ve gone to bed.
I have days where I attend events, am away for work or travelling etc, which is a few times a month lately. Each day is different, but I know I work best in the afternoon or evening. As such I plan my writing and similar tasks for those times and easier tasks for first thing in the morning.

6.) Outsource
You don’t need to do everything. Our time is limited, spend it doing things you enjoy and things that matter to you. In both your business and personal life outsource tasks where you can. If you spend all your time doing the little things, you won’t have time for the big things. For example, at home, I could outsource the cleaning, ironing and cooking to free up hours of my time. In my work I have a virtual assistant, someone else doing graphics and have a team of professionals who help and do different things in my business. You can’t grow if you try to do it all yourself.
It’s a balance and often not easy to do to begin with, it’s a good investment though. Start with paying for 1 hour of outsourcing anything that is cheaper to have someone else do than it is to do it yourself then spend that time doing something that earns more. As an example, I know many who earn $50+ per hour. Tasks such as ironing or cleaning at home and scheduling social media, answering emails etc in their business can be outsourced for under $25 per hour. By paying someone $25 instead of doing it themselves, they free up their time to earn more.
If you want to learn how to find more time, read this post about finding an extra 30 hours a month.

7.) Do double up tasks
Sometimes you can do two things at once. For example if you are cooking dinner you can cook a double batch and freeze half for later. This will drastically reduce the dinner preparation time another night meaning you have basically done two things at once. It is not the same as checking emails, social media and writing a blog post all at once. It is about choosing certain tasks such as cooking where for a small amount of extra effort you can save significant amounts of time later and reduce your overall workload without impacting on the quality of work you are doing.

8.) Be kind to yourself
There are only so many hours in a day and only so much you personally can do. If you can’t do something, don’t feel guilty. Do what you can, only take on what you know you can accomplish and congratulate yourself on the things you achieve. Beating yourself up over something you didn’t do is not going to change the fact it didn’t get done. It wastes more of your time, makes you feel awful, demotivates you and is counterproductive to everything. Acknowledge you didn’t do it, accept it, learn from it and move on.

9.) Recognise your accomplishments
Often we focus too much on what we haven’t done which will get you nowhere. Take time to recognise your achievements, not matter how small. Set your goals then when you achieve them celebrate. I am guilty of achieving what I set out to do then moving straight into the next thing without celebrating or really acknowledging what I have done.

10.) Plan
Getting everything you want to do done requires planning. Schedule your time. Set your goals (check out 10 steps to success with goals). Work with your plan to get everything done. A failure to plan is a plan to fail.

What tips do you have to help you do everything?

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First published 12 May 2016. Edited and republished May 2016.

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  • Pua Peleti

    thank you so much this has really widen my perspectives on things…so very helpful in getting me started with doing things in an orderly manner haha…you are amzing with your brilliant ideas…regards from Wellington

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