How to have a great day every day with The Miracle Morning!

What if you could achieve everything you set out to do without being stressed?

Earlier this year I learnt about a book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. Hal was declared dead for 6 minutes and not supposed to walk again. He now is a keynote speaker, fit and absolutely walking, running and jumping around. Not at all how the doctors predicted. The Miracle Morning is his best selling book and method to change your life. The best bit, it doesn’t need a lot of time, but you can spend longer on it if you want!

What is a miracle morning?

The Miracle Morning will help you set one goal and focus on it, stack your habits so life becomes a system and you achieve more. On top of that, it provides great mental clarity, reduces the mental load (which is a huge issue for women) and enables you to do those things we all think we ‘should do’ but rarely do.

Hal has 6 habits for the morning – Silence, Affirmations, Visualisation, Exercise, Reading and Scribing (writing) which he calls his SAVERS. He recommends spending 10 minutes on each, so 60 minutes in total, but you can shorten it to 1 minute each or anywhere in between if needed.

How it changed my life

Since practising The Miracle Morning my mood, productivity and energy changed so much that my daughters can tell if I’ve done it or not. At first, I thought I would really struggle since I have always been a night owl, but since doing this and committing to it, it’s become easy. A huge part of why it’s easier is because I have decided before I go to bed this is what I am doing.

After reading the book “Unfu*ck Yourself” by Gary John Bishop I added the mantra “I am willing”. Everything I choose to do has to have my full mind and force behind it. By saying “I am willing” in my head when I make a choice, it seems to solidify it more.

In The Miracle Morning, the word ‘will’ is used a lot with habit stacking. For example, after I read, I will meditate. Saying ‘will’ makes it definite and solid.

What does my miracle morning look like?

I do mine slightly differently to some others. It is generally recommended you read before because you are unlikely to later. Reading is something I love and make time for so I moved exercise to the front. After I wake I will do 30 minutes of yoga.

A typical morning looks like this:
6:00am – Wake, go to the bathroom, make my bed then get straight into yoga.
6:30am – Other exercises such as pushups, situps, kettlebell swings etc.
7:00am – Affirmations, review my goals and visualise. My goals are written in permanent marker on my mirror for easy reference, as are my affirmations.
7:10am – Meditate. I aim for at least 10 minutes here. I also meditate for 20 minutes of an evening.
7:20am – Do my Most Important Task, whatever it is for that day. Alternatively, if it is quite big, this is scheduled for 9am as soon as my kids are at school.
7:30 or 7:45am – Kids get up and we get ready for the day.

You’ll notice I don’t have reading or scribing/writing here. This is because I have a solid evening routine which includes screens being switched off. I read with my kids then once they are in bed, I read for myself. I write down my tasks for the next day, review my goals, write in my journal, get ready for bed, meditate then go to sleep.

If I know I won’t be able to do my proper evening routine because I am at an event or something, I aim to get up at 5:30am to ensure I can include it in The Miracle Morning so it is done every day.

How did I switch from night owl to early bird?

For starters, I made the commitment. I decided the night before that I will get up at 6am and I will do yoga. No excuses. Under no circumstances could I hit the alarm. One you commit and get into the habit it becomes easier.

By setting myself up the night before, I was more determined to ensure I slept well. My evening routine had to change to accommodate my morning routine. Now, I wind down more in the evenings instead of working until I collapse an exhausted heap in bed. I sleep with an eyemask and ear plugs to ensure I am not disturbed and sleep soundly instead. A deep breathing method is used to help me drift off to sleep quickly. Also, I sleep alone which has had a huge impact on my sleep.

With adequate sleep, getting up in the morning is easier. It took a few days to really get into it, but now I miss it if I don’t get up.

What does your miracle morning look like?

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