How to Set Your Day up for Success – My Morning Routine

10 Tips to Ensure a Successful Day

As an entrepreneur, mother, partner and volunteer, my day is busy. It’s easy for life to get overwhelming or become unproductive if I let it. Over the years, I’ve noticed when I follow my morning routine and incorporate certain practices into my day, I am significantly more successful.

By doing these 10 things, I am calmer, more patient, more productive and better able to handle anything thrown my way. During 2020, I let my morning routine slip as we were travelling in the first part then locked down in the Solomon Islands, repatriated and I fell pregnant with a complicated pregnancy.

Those are all just excuses though and I allowed them to dictate my actions which greatly impacted my mental and physical health, as well as my business, finances and relationships.

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1. Drink Water

I used to roll my eyes when people talked about he importance of drinking water especially first thing in the morning. Once I finally switched to this habit and made it a goal to drink 1L within an hour of waking, the change was huge. After sleeping for hours, our bodies need to hydrate!

Drinking plenty of water keeps you fresh, your mind sharper and helps with looking younger. Our bodies need way more than most of us drink. I aim to drink 3L a day and no coffee, only herbal tea if I have tea at all and I try to limit all other beverages.

2. Ho’oponopono

Learning about this Hawaiian forgiveness practice changed my life. Ho’oponopono heals you from negative thoughts you’ve developed and enables you to forgive and move on.

The process is simple but meaningful provided you do it with feeling, not just saying or thinking the words without feeling them. It includes I forgive you, I’m sorry, Thank you, I love you.

I Forgive You

Means you release this from yourself and it is no longer your problem. You won’t allow it to affect you anymore or block your energy.

I’m Sorry

Is you acknowledging the situation and being sorry for holding onto it for so long. It will no longer be allowed to bother you.

Thank You

Showing gratitude for the lessons this situation taught you.

I Love You

Send love to the situation. A motto in our home is “Approach everything with love.” This matches that.

3. Gratitude

Our home and family have always had a strong practice of gratitude. Of a morning I write down 10 things I am grateful for. Practising gratitude is part of my entire day though. Growing up we had to say one thing we were grateful for every night at dinner. I’ve expanded on this with my own family.

Each night at dinner we say 3 things we are grateful for and provide a compliment to each member of the family. This ensures we are looking for things to be grateful for and noticing the good things other family member do or achieve. Hearing the things my kids notice has been quite interesting and doing this each night has created some incredible family conversations.

A gratitude journal is important too. Somewhere to write things I am grateful for regularly.

Lastly, every time I am faced with an obstacle, I ask myself what I can be grateful for with that situation, what lesson I can learn from it and what opportunities can come from it. Seeing the issue through a different lens with those questions enables me to move past it much faster and turn my life around.

4. Exercise

Even 10 minutes of yoga or a quick walk makes a difference. My preference is a longer workout but with a newborn baby that isn’t always possible. Ideally, I get an hour either in the morning or at some point in the day. Exercising first thing gets the blood pumping and I find it a great way to clear my head.

5. Meditation

For some people, the yoga or exercise, Ho’oponopono or gratitude is what they would class as meditation. I prefer to set aside 10 to 30 minutes for meditation whether it is a guided one or my own meditation. YouTube has heaps or you can use apps such as Headspace.

6. EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique or ‘tapping’ as it is more commonly known is an alternative medicine which uses acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy. You tap on different pressure points while working through certain issues or blocks you have. There is a good guide and explanation here.

7. Read

My goal is to read 52 books this year. Doing a minimum of 10 minutes reading each morning often gives me something to think about during the day and gets me focused. You can find my list here, which is getting added to as I read books.

8. Journal

There are various journal prompts around if you need. I use my journal of a morning to write any thoughts or notes from my meditation and other activities in the morning. Sometimes if I am working through a book such as Unleash Your Inner Money Babe or Soul Coaching, I will do the exercises from those books in my journal of a morning.

9. Breakfast

Most of my life I have skipped breakfast which is not good. After hours of sleeping, your body needs fuel. My partner, Justin, is a big advocate for breakfast, even if it is just a smoothie. So now he makes it most mornings from smoothies through to fully cooked breakfasts with eggs, veggies, meat etc.

He asks me every morning what I would like for breakfast then makes it for me. Most mornings, I can only stomach a smoothie but those smoothies are packed with nutrients.

10. Get Ready Completely

This step is important. I work mostly from home. It is so easy to roll out of bed, skip my routine and work in my pajamas. But when I shower, get dressed, do my hair and get ready completely I am more focused and productive. It switches me from the sleepy state to a working state.

Night Before

Preparation is the key to success. My day runs much smoother when I prep the night before with a few things. Deciding what to wear and having it ready, planning the day with what I need to do and work to be finished etc. Knowing exactly what has to be done stops me from needing to think about it in the morning. Usually, I keep a list running throughout the day I add to when I think of something I need to do the next day or plan in later. Then, of an evening I use that list to create my plan.

By doing things the night before, I have fewer decisions to make in the morning and can achieve more in the morning when I am fresh. Decision fatigue is real. By the end of the day I am usually pretty exhausted mentally, I can’t make decisions well and I simply want to switch off. So by doing my morning routine and prepping everything at the end of the day, I am being conscious of using my energy in the best way for me.

What do you do each morning to set yourself up for success?

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