How to make money writing (plus a discount!)

One of the ways I have made money in the past few years has been through freelance writing. Freelance writing enabled me to earn money from home, rebuild my life and be there for my kids. Plus, I made more money writing in 1 hour than I would in a job. In this article I share some of my tips, plus a discount on my favourite writing course with a great Facebook group – Earn More Writing  – 20% off until Mothers Day with the code SPRING2017

So how do you make money writing?

You can make money writing being a journalist, writing copy for ads, writing your own books, writing articles for other websites and more. The bulk of my writing came at first as articles and a book then it switched to be more advertising writing.

I started with blogging. I created a finance blog and started writing about my goals including ways to make and save money. I look back at my early work and cringe. I had no experience, no qualifications, hadn’t taken any courses and have since deleted many articles from my early days.

The more I wrote the better I got.

Then I was asked to write a book. Wiley, a publishing house, saw one of my articles and asked me to turn it into a book. This process taught me a lot about writing and I appreciated it (along with the advance and my book in bookstores), however, 6 years on I have changed, my writing has improved and I would do things differently.

Once the book was published, I started doing freelance writing. I could not find anything at the time on what rates I should charge, where to look for work (outside the work that was coming to me), professional networks or anything. I made ok money and hobbled along with the few regular gigs I had.

A few years later I finally had it down. I knew what my areas of expertise were, my writing style improved drastically, I worked out how to charge and what I wanted to do with writing.

What I wish I knew
Years, it took me years to work out how to make decent money writing. I wish I had a course at the very beginning like Holly’s. In the years since I started writing, I have taken various courses. I view them as an investment in myself and a shortcut. Instead of taking years to learn things myself, hours every week making mistakes, researching and struggling, I now select a course, do it and implement it into my business, thus saving me so much time and money as well as enabling me to make money faster.

When I started, I would have loved someone to say to me – here is where to get your dream clients, how to establish yourself as a blog and brand and basically everything you need to know.

Earn More Writing has 8 modules covering:
How to Establish a Blog and Brand
How to Build Your Portfolio and Pitch Clients
Defending Your Workday
Making the Transition from Broke Writing to Rich Writing
Finding (and Keeping) Your Dream Clients
Getting Paid
Get More Work by Making Editors Happy
Taking Your Income into the Stratosphere
Get Rich Ghostwriting for CEOs (Standard & Pro Only)

Plus other bonuses and a great group.

Get it for 20% off only until Monday May 15th with code SPRING2017

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