Reflect, close chapters in your life then move forward (plus my 2016 goals)

Do you reflect on your life or even the past year before setting goals and new intentions?

I often launch straight into a new goal or plan before taking time to reflect on what I have done in the past year, or in my life, what worked, what didn’t and why. Reflecting on my year I realised I a few things.
1.) One of my biggest fears came true and I had nothing to worry about
2.) I overthink things. I need to relax and go with the flow more
3.) Not prioritising my health cost me dearly financially, emotionally, mentally, physically and in every area of my life.

Take time to reflect before you launch into your new goals

I know I need to make health my number one priority this year. I can’t look after my daughters properly if I am not healthy. The reflection I have done in the past two weeks hurt at times. It has given me renewed insight and inspiration.

In my last post I wrote about how to make changes to create the life you want and said I would share my goals for 2016 in a future post.

I have some goals I will be keeping private for now. I will share once they are achieved.

For the rest of my goals, here they are in their barebones state. Their full meaning and action plan are up on my wall at home.
1.) Stick to my daily routine including stretches, yoga, gym, eating plan (we live mostly by the 4 hour body/paleo type lifestyle).
2.) Get veneers and other dental work by December 31st, 2016.
3.) Be a fit, healthy, strong, toned size 10. I am size 10, not toned and strong yet. I have joined Donate A Kilo, Donate A Dollar to help raise funds to buy a unit as a shelter. Every kilo lost, we donate a dollar. I have increased this to $50 for myself. I weighed in at 77.8kg on January 1st. Health and strength are my focus. Whatever I lose is a bonus.
4.) Set boundaries and stick to them. This includes turning down a lot of the advocacy work I have been doing. I love it, it also burnt me out. I can’t do as much as I was and instead am selecting to stick with a few, one being Share The Dignity. I want to focus on my health, my family, my company and work out the best way for me to do advocacy work that works for my family and I.

1.) Publish turn obstacles into opportunities. This book is enormously overdue. The manuscript is going to the publisher March 31st and will be out later this year.
2.) Earn a certain amount on each website I own.
3.) Freelance writing on finance, ways to make and save money, health, motivation and business. I used to do this a bit and I miss it.

I had a few other goals which were achieved within this first week. I didn’t expect that. My other goals not listed here centre on my family and my bucket list.

What goals have you set for 2016?

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