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Whether you need articles written, a brand ambassador, speaker for an event or marketing and business consults, I have you covered. Having run numerous successful businesses, won various business and charity awards and worked with national and international governments, corporations and small businesses, my extensive experience will help you.

Content Creation/Articles

As a multiple international award-winning writer and author, my articles are SEO rich as well as popular with readers. Various articles I have written have garnered the attention of Sunrise, Win, radio stations and magazines both nationally and internationally.

I love writing especially about finance, tourism, business, health and parenting. Find my portfolio here and book an article or more right away. Articles start at $275 per 800 words.

Business and Marketing

I founded and sold a marketing company and have worked internationally with various clients to improve their marketing, create strategies and implement influencer programs. Previous clients include Wonderful Indonesia,

Marketing Review

Complete review of all your marketing from your website through to social media and EDM. Prior to a session, I will go over everything you are doing which we then discuss with suggested changes in the Zoom session. Book your Marketing Review Session for $199 here.

Marketing Training

A one on one session with me to go over your marketing and teach you how to to it better. Whether you want to focus on content creation, SEO, social media or PR, a session can be tailored to your business needs. Book your Marketing Training Session for $199 here.

Business Power Session

Learn how to increase your ROI, other revenue options your business can explore, how to streamline your business and make it easier. A Business Session is tailored to your business. Prior to the session I review your business then discuss with you via Zoom changes to make to improve cash flow, marketing and anything else you need. Book your Business Power Session for $199 here.

Website Overhaul

A thorough review of your WordPress website and changes made to improve speed, usability and conversions. Rank higher in Google, get more customers and spend more time on your business, less on your website. Book your free consultation for a review and quote now.

Life and Finances

Having gone from homeless single mother to CEO, I understand how hard it can be to survive on Centrelink as well as how different it can be and changes you need to make when you earn more.

Finance Consult

A 1 hour session covering ways you can make and save money, sort your budget and achieve your financial goals. This session is tailored to your personal circumstances and all suggestions are designed for you to be able to get clear on your finances, what you want in life and how to do that. Book your session here for $199.

Life Power Session

60 minutes covering anything you want to create a life you love. Tips to turn your current obstacles into opportunities, how to set your goals and achieve them, strategies tailored for you to change your life and get to where you want to be.
Book your Life Power Session for $199 here.

Day Rate

Whether you want a full-day training, me to assist for the day with marketing, content creation or speaking, you can book me for a full date a lower rate than individual services. Email admin@kylietravers.com.au to discuss your needs.

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