Homelessness – it effects everyone

Helping the homeless and reducing homelessness has become my passion. Each month I will be sharing ways you can help, things I am doing, upcoming events and personal experiences from those I am fortunate enough to talk to.

I have big plans for 2014 and homelessness. I already volunteer doing haircuts and things at Ainslie Village. I am part of a committee trying to get a life skills centre up and running there. I am doing the 2 sleep outs here in Canberra, the one I did last year and the Vinnies one in June, to raise funds and awareness. Causes of homelessness vary drastically, but often include domestic violence, injury,  financial mistakes or mismanagement, disability, job loss, addictions, crimes against you, coming out of prison, being kicked out of home, trusting the wrong person or abuse. Anyone can become homeless.

To kick things off, I thought I would share a variety of posts from my wonderful blogging friends around the world. Homelessness is a long term worldwide issue, as such some of these posts are quite old.

Personal experiences
I have written about my homeless experience on occasion, shared it in the media and it is one of the many things that prompted my change in life direction to focus more on helping the homeless and making people aware it really can happen to anyone.

The Happy Homeowner had a series of her ‘confessions’ and one was her homeless experience.

Dorid shared her experience and how to prepare over on BlogHer

Survival Guide To The Homeless is a great blog, with lots of advice. They are no longer writing, but there is a lot of information on there to read through.

Advice for if you become homeless
The Digerati Life has an excellent post on Coping With Homelessness, including some myths and facts on homelessness.

Four of my blog friends each posted about what they would do if they were homeless and how they would change their situation. They posted on each others blogs as follows: Ashley from Money Talks shared on Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance I’m homeless, now what? Barbara posted on Eric’s blog – Narrow Bridge Finance her take on it all, Eric posted on Khaleef’s site KNS Financial How to recover from being broke while Khaleef  posted on Ashley’s site what he would do if he became homeless and how he would change his situation.

Continuing this this theme you will find another great post at My Personal Finance Journey.

Julie from Working To Live Differently shared What she learned about community from the homeless.

How to help the homeless
Tom from Canadian Finance Blog asks Should you donate to the homeless?

Eric of Narrow Bridge Finance wrote about Solving homelessness in America.

Budgets Are Sexy gives us 4 Non Financial Ways To Help The Homeless.

Mom Advice gives a free printable to make a homeless care package.

Homeless by choice
JD Roth wrote about Andy who is homeless by choice, well he was back in 2007 when this post was written – Extreme Personal Finance: Homeless By Choice. Checking Andy’s blog, it appears in November 2013, he became homeless again, but this time by necessity.

Roy Juarez Jnr was homeless as a teen and then later homeless by choice to spread the word.  He named the tour “Homeless By Choice”.

Sam of Financial Samurai asked his readers Why are homeless veterans in America? With more homes than homeless people it is baffling to think anyone is homeless, let alone those brave souls who serve their country.

The Military Guide has a great infographic on America’s homeless veterans.

These are just a handful of great posts on homelessness.

Have ever been or ever faced homelessness? What ways do you help the homeless and what you would do if you were homeless?

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