How to sell books – free download #SideHustle

Can you make money selling second-hand books? Yes!

Back when I was first finding ways to make and save money online, I started selling books. At first, it was books I owned and no longer needed, then I started buying books to sell. Some months I made very little, other months I had big wins like buying a book for $25, which was worth over $100 and reselling it for $85, making a $60 profit!

It is relatively simple to do and if you have the room, the books you are selling can simply sit on a bookshelf until sold.

I have some tips on where to buy and sell books, which books sell well and how to turn selling books into a great side business in this quick 5-page pdf you can download and read anytime.

How to sell used books by Kylie Travers

Do you sell used books? What methods have you found effective?

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