Marketing Without Money

How can you market effectively with little or no money?

A huge problem for many small businesses is getting known and marketing when they have little cash flow. Knowing what to do and when, where they need to be, what social media platforms they should be doing and the best things to do to optimise their site can be confusing.

I went from homeless single mother to multiple international award-winning CEO of a marketing company, speaker and ambassador. I’ve been featured on TV, radio, numerous magazines and did it all without spending anything on marketing!

Marketing Without Money

I get it. You’re a busy business owner, you want to be able to market effectively but are pressed for time and money. You can do it and I’ll show you how! In March, a new Marketing Without Money course will launch outlining step by step tips on everything from Facebook to collaborations, influencers to PR, all with no budget.

What does it include?

Knowing what you get is important, you want to be sure the topics you want help with are covered and that you’ll be able to implement the suggestions. I’ve won multiple awards for business and marketing and speak internationally on social media, blogging, marketing and business. I’ll be sharing my top tips with step by step instructions and resources for you to implement it all in a timeframe which suits you. You are not locked in to complete it in a certain time.

Here are the various sessions which will be included.

1.) Marketing Basics

Define your target audience, know where your audience is, create a social media policy, learn what to outsource vs what to do yourself plus how to do it. Advice on creating a marketing strategy (plus a sample strategy).

2.) Website Optimisation

If your site isn’t optimised, it doesn’t matter how much traffic you drive to it, you won’t get the sales. Learn what you need on your website, how to increase the speed, how to make it more user-friendly and how to test it, how to create content which converts and tips for SEO.

3.) Facebook

Facebook can be fantastic if done right. Before you even pay for ads, there are things you can do for free to increase sales and awareness. Learn how to set up your personal profile properly and use it. Optimise your Facebook page, create and curate content, read and analyse insights, invite people to your page, do Facebook lives and more on your page. How to create videos, how to collaborate with others on Facebook and how to use Facebook groups effectively.

4.) Instagram

Instagram is great for awareness and when done right can help create a great community for increasing your sales. Learn how to create and curate content, use hashtags, best practices for Instagram and what to avoid.

5.) Pinterest

Pinterest can drive extreme amounts of traffic. Basically a visual search engine, it’s a great way to get more people to know about your business without having to be as active on there as you are on Facebook. Learn a bit about Pinterest, how to use it effectively, create images and tools such as Tailwind to help decrease the amount of time you spend using it.

6.) PR – Get In The Media

Who doesn’t want free exposure in the media for their business? Learn when and how to pitch, places to pitch and how to establish yourself as an authority so the media call on you regularly. You’ll be provided tips for being on TV, advice on answering media callouts, who to contact and what to pitch.

7.) Collaborations And Influencers

Business collaborations and working with influencers can both be extremely powerful forms of marketing when done right. Have the opportunity to collaborate with businesses attending the 2 days, learn how to working with influencers, brand reps and other businesses. Get ideas for collaborations, influencer programs and having ambassadors for your business.

8.) Which Tools To Use To Make Social Media Easier

Find out all about the free tools and resources which make scheduling, curating and analysing all your marketing efforts easier.

How do you get in?

Launching May 30th, 2019, you can register below and get access as soon as it’s live! Right now you can secure the whole course for only $247AUD! 

$247 AUD
Kylie Travers - Marketing Without Money Course
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