How to create a vision board

What is a vision board, how do you create a vision board and why should you have one?

I have used vision boards for the past 5 years and am pleasantly surprised by how they keep me motivated and on track with my goals. I do not believe in the version of just sticking pictures of what you want to come into your life on a piece of card and willing it to happen. I see vision boards as a visual reminder of your goals. While you might not consciously make note of them, seeing them every day has them constantly in your mind and helps you actively work towards achieving your goals.

I started with a vision board but in 2012 I expanded and have since used a motivation wall. Below is the image of my 2012 vision board and motivation wall (before I separated from my now ex husband).

Vision board

The motivation wall included a large calendar, a graph to pay down debt and save up for a holiday, motivation quotes and things that motivated me.

Motivation wall


Early 2013, following a bit of a crazy year, I used my mirrored wardrobes to write in permanent marker my goals and still had a separate vision board. In fact, it was featured in Cleo, although they called it a mood board.

What is a vision board?
A vision board is simply a board with images of your goals and things you want in your life or want to achieve.
A motivation wall includes a vision board along with more detail, such as your goals written out, your values, a calendar with goal deadlines plus motivational quotes and photos. I prefer to use a motivation wall over a vision board on it’s own now.

Why use a vision board?
I’m a visual person. Having a vision board or motivation wall keeps my goals right in front of me and even if I am not conscious of how often I look at it, having it there in my line of vision means I am subconsciously thinking about my goals all the time. Having them embedded in my mind like that means many opportunities are sought out by my subconscious to achieve my goals while I am going about my daily life on top of the things I actively do to achieve my goals.

How to create a vision board

Step 1
Gather together lots of magazines from a variety of genres. I have property and investing, travel, home and garden, health and religious magazines, as well as a few catalogues of stores I like.

Go through them and rip out everything that appeals to you, that you would like, even sayings or words that stand out to you or describe what you want.

Step 2
Once you have done that, start placing the images on the board in the way you like them. Do not glue them yet, you are just getting a feel for where you want to put the images. Discard any pictures you don’t feel are right. Some people put their pictures in like groups, others just put them wherever. It is YOUR board and about what YOU want, you do what suits YOU!

Step 3
Next, once you are happy with the placement, glue them to the board. Use good glue, not just cheap glue that loses its stick quickly. It is a definite, purpose filled board. You don’t want you pictures (which represent your dreams and visions) to fall down.

Step 4
Once it’s done put it in a prominent place where you will see it regularly. Mine is in my kitchen because I love to cook so am in there all the time. That and my kitchen is combined with my lounge/dining area, so it’s a good place for me.

Remember to take your time when you care making your vision board. It needs to truly reflect what you want. I have done rushed versions and it means nothing to me. When you spend your time making it, thinking about it and truly envisioning your life like that then it is a real vision board.

Do you have a vision board or motivation wall?

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