Occasio Enterprises

About Occasio Enterprises

Occasio is Latin for opportunity. One of Kylie’s favourite quotes is “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity” which inspired the name.

Occasio Enterprises was founded in JuneĀ 2014 by Kylie Travers and sold in 2017. Originally doing blog advertising, workshops, training and running the sites Kylie Travers owns. Once sold, Kylie turned her focus to speaking and her site The Thrifty Issue with the aim to empower women through financial independence.

Clients Of Occasio

Occasio Enterprises worked with national and international governments, tourism boards and various companies involved in finance. Compare The Market, Wonderful Indonesia, [email protected], SARRAH, Kathmandu and Australia Post are just a few of them.

Awards And Achievements

Kylie won or was a finalist for numerous awards as CEO of Occasio Enteprises including being a finalist for Young Australian Of The Year. She views the money raised to end homelessness and domestic violence, the awareness and campaigns she was involved in as her greatest achievements with the company.

Where To Now?

For more about Kylie and the options to work with her you can check out her about page. Alternatively, learn about speaking options here, writing options here and the blog.

Currently, Kylie lives in Melbourne with her two daughters. They travel as much as possible and she focuses on helping Australians make and save money at The Thrifty Issue.

Email admin@kylietravers.com.au with any enquiries.