Occasio Enterprises

Occasio Enterprises was founded in JuneĀ 2014 by Kylie Travers. Originally doing blog advertising, workshops, training and running the sites Kylie Travers owns. Now, Occasio Enterprises works solely to bring about Kylie’s goal of helping 1,000,000 Australians survive, thrive and where possible, get off Centrelink.

You can find out more about her goal here. Courses, articles, videos, workshops, books and other resources are being created to help people survive on Centrelink, improve their lives, budget, get jobs and build lives they want.

Speaking, training and workshops
Kylie Travers is available for speaking, training and workshops on:
– Marketing on a shoestring budget
– How to use your story to market
– Going from homeless to CEO
– How to turn obstacles into opportunities
– Blogging, social media and marketing

Email admin@kylietravers.com.au with any enquiries or click here to see videos and other content about Kylie speaking.