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Knowing what you want out of life and how to make it work is sometimes the hardest part in the whole process. Here are some articles I have written to help and if you have anything you want me to write about let me know. Email or comment on Facebook.
How to make changes to create the life you want – I have gone from homeless single mum to multiple international award winning CEO, author, speaker and blogger. I share what I and many I have interviewed have done to create a life we love.
How to get an extra 30 hours a month – if you need more time, this post is a must read! Tips on how to make more time, put yourself first and get a life you love.
How to have the ultimate work/life balance – it’s not about trying to balance life, make aspects of your life blend and work together. Balancing makes me think of walking on a tightrope. Eventually you will slip or you are constantly struggling to make it all work. By working out how to blend your life, you make it all work together.
10 steps to success with goals is one of my most read articles. It outlines what I and others I recommend do to success with our goals. In it you will also read about vision boards, a must for me. Check out how to create a vision board here.
What is your definition of success? Redefine what it means to you! Too often we view success only in terms of fame and fortune yet those two things aren’t what make you successful. What is success to you? How do you define it?
How and why to prioritise yourself. Leaving yourself til last will see you run down, worn out and eventually completely spent.
How to ask for help – stop trying to do it all on your own. We all need help and instead of showing our strength by battling on alone, we can show our courage and ask for help when needed. Also check out how to stop feeling overwhelmed.
How to find your life purpose or passion – don’t know what you want to do or are struggling to do it? Read this post for some ideas.

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