Power Sessions With Kylie Travers

Do you want to create a strategy to smash your business, money and life goals?

A power session with Kylie Travers is full on! Whether you want to focus on business and marketing, finance or life in general, you will walk away from a session with practical strategies you can implement immediately.

What does a Power Session include?

When you book in for a Power Session, you get a full 60 minutes of video time, one on one with Kylie plus an extra 60 minutes before and after the session where Kylie reviews everything.

Starting with a simple 3 questionnaire which you answer to enable Kylie to prepare for your session, you can share as much or as little information as you like. Kylie uses this to see what your goals are, what you want to focus on plus review any links you include.

Once a session starts the focus is on you and what you want to achieve. Kylie will ask you questions, brainstorm with you, create strategies and together you will create a solid plan for you to move forward. This is all recorded so Kylie can provide you with everything discussed in the session later.

After a Power Session, the recording is downloaded. Kylie uses this to create your plan with a detailed document outlining what was discusses, your goals, your strategy, any resources Kylie recommended or links referred to in the session. It’s your blueprint to enable you to take everything to the next level.

What will you get out of a Power Session?

Solve problems, solidify goals, create strategies and succeed. Power Sessions with Kylie Travers help you clarify what you are working towards plus provide a strategy to ensure you achieve what you want to.


With 14 years of experience in business and marketing, Kylie Travers can assist with business plans, marketing strategies and creative techniques to maximise your business growth. Having worked with national and international government departments, small business, the corporate sector and not for profit, Kylie has experience across a variety of business structures.

Do you want to know how and what to outsource to free up your time and increase revenue? Find ways to maximise your current revenue or create other revenue streams. If you want to increase your marketing efforts, work with influencers or get free PR and media coverage, all of this can be included in a Power Session.


How can you turn obstacles into opportunities? What goals do you want to achieve? How can you create a life you love? Kylie has overcome homelessness, domestic violence, paralysis, multiple surgeries and mental health issues all while being a single mum. During this time she won 3 Plutus Awards, was a finalist for Young Australian of the Year, bought and sold various businesses and websites plus spoke internationally. Whatever it is you are wanting to do, Kylie’s strategies will help you get there.

Learn her specific 10 step method to success with goals, how to create a motivation wall and set up a plan to achieve the life you want. Plus find out how to make more than enough money and create the time you need to do it.

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If you’re ready to get stuck into your business or life, achieve those goals and change your life, book in below. If you have further questions, email admin@kylietravers.com.au or use the contact form.
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