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How I went from Homeless Single Mother to Multiple International Award Winning CEO and Living a Life I LOVE!

Here are all the resources I used to create the life I have now. I left an abusive marriage, ended up homeless with my daughters. Both had learning issues, anxiety and PTSD then my eldest was diagnoses with autism later. I’ve overcome paralysis, multiple surgeries and relationship challenges while raising my daughters and growing a company. I sold the company a few years ago (partially due to pressure/jealousy from my boyfriend at the time and also to spend more time with my daughters). It took 7.5 years to get full custody despite evidence in NSW, Canberra and Victoria plus a second protection order.

But I am extremely grateful for all these experiences because it shaped me to be who I am today. They enabled me to help raise $30,000,000 for charity and turned me from a rather negative person to one full of hope and compassion. These days. we live a pretty free lifestyle.

Many assume being CEO and the awards I won is the peak or exactly where I wanted to be. It wasn’t. I wanted the freedom I have now and continued to work hard for, even after selling the company.

Currently, I live in Noosa, Queensland with my partner, two daughters and am pregnant with my son. In this relationship, I am treated as his Queen. A far cry from my previous relationships. My daughters see the difference and have seen me thrive both as a single woman and in this relationship in comparison to when I was with their father and later an ex-boyfriend.

I’ve broken it up into sections so scroll through what works for you.


Managing my mindset and emotions was difficult, especially when going through custody. However, I learnt numerous techniques to both cope and push myself forward.

Clear Goals

I set clearly defined goals outlining specifically what I wanted to achieve in different areas of my life. Read 10 steps to success with goals to learn my exact method.


A few quotes got me through my toughest times as well as regularly changing quotes around my home. It was interesting, as I came across quotes, affirmations and mantras from a variety of places. Writing them in permanent marker on my mirrors was the most effective method for me. However, doing this, many visitors saw them too and it was amazing how often what was written was what they needed to hear too.


Taking a few moments each day to visualise the life I wanted. Whenever I would get overwhelmed about my situation, I’d pull on this image to calm me. By practising it morning and night, it was easy to do during the day too.

This was especially important when going through custody. Every time I felt overwhelmed or stressed about the outcome, I visualised having full custody and being in the Solomon Islands. Specifically, we were on Solomon Islands Discovery Cruises, my kids were in the water at Mane Bay and I was watching from the dive deck of the MV Taka. Having such a clear vision of our life after court helped a lot.

I also visualised the day in court and physically felt the emotions of when the judge granted me custody. Everything from my hair, clothing, shoes through to the first person I told as I left court was clear in my head. Amazingly, the day it happened went almost exactly as I had visualised.


Taking time out each day for myself was crucial. It might not seem like much but even 10 minutes in the morning can make a significant difference to how you feel and cope.

Reading and Listening to Resources

Everything in the self-help, business, finances and similar sections of the library was borrowed and read by me. Not all of them had an impact but there were a few which stood out. I started by reading classic finance and psychology books I loved as a teen. This list includes a few I have read in more recent years as well.

Not Just Lucky
Unf*ck Your Life
Unleash Your Inner Money Babe
Get Rich Lucky Bitch
Cash in a Flash


One of the biggest issues for many whether they are leaving an abusive relationship, are a stay at home parent, lost their job, have a disability or anything else is money. How can you make more money? What can you do to afford legal fees when it comes to child custody or divorce? Where will the money come from?

I share loads of ways to make and save money on The Thrifty Issue as well as The Thrifty Issue Facebook page, Instagram and in the group.

A few of the best articles on money include:
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