This page is where I will share resources I have used and recommend for a variety of topics including business, motivation, goal setting, blogging, health, travel and more. Simply click on the section you are interested in or any link and scroll down for more information. If you are new to my site, I have personally gone from homeless single mum to multiple international award winning CEO, author, speaker, blogger and created my dream life. I love what I do and helping others do the same.

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Business resources

Do you need help with your business set up, marketing strategy, social media or anything else business related? Find all of Kylie’s articles, tools and resources for business, social media and marketing at Business Resources.

Financial resources

Looking for ways to make and save money? Ideas for working from home, side hustles, how to budget, resources to find lost or unclaimed money, reduce your spending, get things for free and have a better financial life can all be found in the Finance Resources.

Personal Development Resources

10 steps to success with goals, how to create a vision board, work out your personal mission statement, core values and get resources to assist you in becoming the person you want to be with practical guides, mini challenges, tasks and loads of articles and advice can be found within the Personal Development Resources.

Health Resources

If you want to be healthy, enjoy life, learn more about your body, nutrition, exercise and the importance of it all, check out the Health Resources.

Family and Relationship Resources

For resources, free tools, guides and courses to help you improve your relationships with your loved ones, friends, family, spouse and colleagues, check out the Family and Relationships Resources.

 Time Management and Organisation

Learn how to make better use of your time, outsource and insource, streamline everything you do and get access to tools, resources and more head over to the Time Management and Organisation Resources.

 Travel Resources

Do you want to get paid to travel? Travel for free? Have more travel, whether as a single, couple, group of friends or a whole family with kids, loads of resources, working travel tips, ways to save money with travel and other travel hacking resources, tools and free courses are on the Travel Resources.

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