Time management and organisation

Time management and organisation go hand in hand for reducing stress in your life and making things easier.

10 tips to help you do everything covers tips on getting organised and claiming your time back.

Time Stylers shared tips on how to get an extra 30 hours a month at a conference I attended. This post shares some of their advice.

Your life is determined by your choices. If you are running around, stressed and feel like you are achieving nothing, take a moment to look at your life and work out why. How to make changes to create a life you love covers some areas of your life and simple changes to make to free up time and live a life you love.

Simple changes to get more time and be organised

  • Keep an accurate calendar with all your appointments, tasks you need to do, due dates and anything else you need to know. In our house we have a shared calendar, you could use Google, Outlook or iCalendar, to sync all our activities and know who is going to be where and when. It has saved a lot of time and frustration. If it isn’t in the calendar, it doesn’t exist!
  • Schedule time for yourself. Go to the gym, dance class or workout however you want. Book in appointments at the salon. Schedule free time to read or do things you want to do and don’t feel guilty about it!
  • Learn to say no. You don’t have to accept every invitation, do everything you are asked to do or be involved in everything at school, work and your social life. Say no.
  • Outsource and insource. Train your kids to clean and do things around the house. Teach them to do things on their own so that they grow up to be capable adults. You do them a disservice if you do everything for them. Outsource where you can things like ironing, cleaning, errands and anything you don’t want to do. This will free up hours of time a week.
  • Work on 90 day plans. I have 90 day goals where my focus is one area of my life such as health and I work in 90 day blocks, with a task I need to do each day to achieve those goals. Breaking down your big goals into smaller tasks and locking them into your calendar and life will see you achieve more and use your time better.
  • Keep a time diary. If you actually tracked how long you spend commuting, watching TV, cleaning and doing other errands you would probably be shocked. Track how you spend your time, then adjust your habits accordingly.

Daily tasks

3 Most Important Tasks
Decide what is important and pick three tasks you must complete. Don’t write a to do list that is 5 pages long. Focus on your three most important tasks, get them done then work on other things if you have the time.

Get ready the night before
I write my 3 most important tasks out the night before so in the morning I know exactly what I need to do and I can get to it without thinking.
Choose your clothing at least the night before, better yet, select your clothing for the week on a Sunday night.
Pack anything you need to take such as lunch, paperwork, school notes etc and have it ready to go so you simply pick it up on your way out the door.
Tidy up the house so you aren’t stressed and rushed in the morning.
Get a good night sleep. Take time to wind down, relax and rest. A proper sleep is essential for you to do all you need to do.

Coming soon

I’ll be sharing specifics about my daily routines, how I find more time, productivity apps and resources I use plus I will be launching a 21 day challenge/course to help you regain your time and get organised. If you’d like to know when it is launching, sign up to my VIP list in blue below.

If you have anything you specifically want me to address, either comment or email me – kylie@kylietravers.com.au



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