Year Of Me

How to make this year the year of you!

I decided this year is the year of me. 2018 I took time out, 2019 I am taking the bull by the horns. Here are all the things I am learning, reading, doing and incorporating into my life both professionally and personally as well as tips for you. To read my full post about my change of direction, what I am doing and why, click here.

How You Can Make This A Year Of You!

I’ve written a lot of articles on motivation, goal setting and rebuilding your life. 2019 is going to be a year of huge changes and growth for me. I’d love to help you do the same. As such, here are a few of the articles you might find useful with more resources to come!

My 10 steps to success with goals

How to ask for help

Why it’s ok to quit and how to do it

20 ways to build self-confidence

What I Am Doing

My aim is to empower women through financial independence. To do this, there are a few things I do professionally.

1. The Thrifty Issue

Sharing ways to make and save money on The Thrifty Issue is one of the ways I am empowering women through financial independence. My main audience there is Aussie mums aged 25 to 45. Through sharing what I am doing and tips for Aussies, many women (and men) are able to improve their finances quickly while I also derive an income from the site. Find out how to make money blogging here.

2. Ambassador for Business In Heels

Business In Heels is a fantastic network with events for women in business. With more women starting businesses than ever before I am so happy to be part of this amazing organisation. You can join here and look for events in your area. I’ll be speaking at a few throughout Australia.

3. Entrepreneurship

I love business and in 2019 will be looking at growing my business portfolio while continuing some consulting and speaking. I speak internationally on a few topics – how I went from homeless to CEO; how to turn obstacles into opportunities; ways to make and save money; marketing on a shoestring budget. Find out more about this here.

What I Am Learning

If we aren’t learning and growing, something is seriously wrong! Last year I started a few courses which will be completed this year and I have taken on more things to learn.
Spanish – I am using the app DuoLingo.
Guitar – My daughters and I are learning this.
Dance – I have 3 styles of dance I am learning all at the one location.
Sailing – I’ve chosen the yacht club and start my first sailing course soon.
Diploma of Counselling – Started in 2018 to be finished in 2019.
Diving Certificate – I tried scuba in December 2018 in the Solomons (read about that here) and cannot wait to go diving again. I’ll be getting my full diving certification asap.

Experiences To Have

I’ll keep adding to this list and will use Groupon as well as Adrenaline for a few as I have used both these companies before and they give great discounts. Many of these are things my daughter and I want to do together.
Float tank
Officially run a 10km race
Get 2 photoshoots – one for branding, the other for personal
Standup paddleboards

What I Am Reading

This will change all the time. My goal is 52 books for 2019 or one book a week. I have already read a couple this year but they aren’t worth noting. Here are my next few and I will add to this list books I feel are worth reading.

Atomic Habits

This was recommended and is all about how small habits and changes create a big outcome. I am thoroughly enjoying it so far.


Another book which has been recommended because I can be great with focus when I am solidly into something but if I am that into it, I am easily distracted. This book looks like an interesting read.

Profit First

If you are in business or want to be, this book is a must-read.

Judgment Detox

I bought this last year with the intention of reading it but forgot about it until now!

What are you doing this year?